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10 Coolest Things About Dubai Airport You Didn’t Know Before

Dubai International Airport is the International Airport of Dubai that connects this glorious city to the rest of the world by air. There are lots of flights in almost every major city that connect directly to Dubai. Some of the most popular airlines that connect India to Dubai are IndiGo, Fly Dubai, Emirates, Etihad, Hahn Air, Spice Jet, and Jet Airways. The fact of the matter is that Dubai brings together different cultures and religions as it is a huge business hub. That besides, it is also a top-notch shopping destination. As such, lots of people fly out from Dubai as well and Dubai International Airport departures are actually fun to wait for!

It really is the worst thing ever to have to sit hours on end at the airport terminal waiting for the next flight. Whether it is a connecting flight or a direct non-stop, waiting for a plane to arrive is dull and tedious. But not in Dubai, because the Dubai International Airport is in itself a place worth visiting. The Dubai International Airport attractions keep travelers waiting more than just occupied, it has them begging for more.

Here are the top ten coolest things about the Dubai Airport:

  • Duty Free Shopping:Duty Free is a shopping mall inside Dubai Airport that reels in thousands with its wide range of items and competitive rates. This is a definite plus for all shopaholics and it is all inside the airport premises. Enjoy Duty Free, enjoy Dubai.
  • Swimming Pool: Anyone would like to take a dip in a sparkling fresh swimming pool to get past the boredom of waiting for a flight and Dubai International Airport makes it happen! The airport itself has a built-in pool, jacuzzi, gym, steam sauna, and shower.
  • Five Star Hotel: Spare no expense on your trip to Dubai, because Dubai Airport certainly does not. There is a five-star hotel on the airport grounds itself that has eighty-eight immaculate rooms, a swimming pool, a conference room, and several restaurants.
  • Zen Gardens:Relaxing at the airport, waiting calmly for the next flight, and all such other phrases take on a whole new meaning at the Dubai International Airport – it has its own Zen Gardens! Relax and get in touch with nature while reading a book or drinking a beverage calmly while waiting for the next flight. How very Zen of Dubai!
  • Snoozecube: The name says it all as this is a cube where one can take a quick nap between flights right at the terminal without having to go anywhere at all. No need to go to an expensive hotel to get a quick wink in. Just pop into the nearest Snoozecube!
  • Food and Drinks: Besides the restaurants inside the five-star hotel, the Dubai Airport hosts its own restaurants and even a pub! Find all kinds of gourmet cuisine right at the airport including Indian, Chinese, Lebanese, French, Barbeque, and Mongolian. It also has its own Starbucks, KFC, and Mc Donald’s for travelers looking for a small snack.
  • Spas:The Dubai International also hosts its own spas including Be Relax and Timeless Spa in terminals one and three. Sit back, relax, and let the professionals pamper you before the flight arrives. Never a dull moment in Dubai Airport with so many options.
  • Medical Help: Need to restock on medical supplies? Or maybe a routine checkup? Maybe you ate a funny-looking dish that definitely does not agree with you? No worries, Dubai International Airport has world-class medical treatment facilities.
  • Marhaba Services: In Arabic, the word ‘Marhaba’ means ‘Love’ and the Marhaba Services at Dubai International Airport can sure show some love. Not just business class and first-class ticket holders get lounge services. With Marhaba Services, everyone gets Wi-Fi and a fully stocked buffet. Who could ever turn that offer down?
  • Get a Smoke: Most airports all around the world, especially international airports are smoke-free zones and the closest to hell on earth for smokers. Not Dubai Airport, though, as the authorities were kind enough to create special smoking lounges for all.

Dubai Airport: Only the Best

Dubai International is the world’s busiest International Airport. But unlike regular airports, the Dubai International is really interesting and has several key features and attractions that all contribute to a better user experience in Dubai. Only the best services are made available and for cheap while waiting for Dubai International Airport departures. The best thing is that these services are made available for anyone and everyone without any exclusivist snobbery. There are also several options for each category of Dubai International Airport attractions to suit any and all budgets. Seeing as most of these unique features about the airport have an almost universal appeal, there is no way to sell this airport short.

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