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4 Mistakes That Can Derail Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing Specialists claim that the primary reason for increased success in the B2B sector is because of the Content Creation. However, there are also some companies who are falling behind in their content marketing activities. Reason? Although, their intentions are pure, and their teams hard working, some basic yet detrimental mistakes are committed which keep them from success. Here are those mistakes as stated by search engine marketing specialists. If you can identify these, rectify them immediately, so that you can enjoy the potent impact of content marketing going forward.

  1. Not having a content marketing strategy

Every kind of marketing needs a strategy. Content marketing is no exception. A strategy doesn’t mean that you simply pen down a 5000-page rant on a topic. The only thing you need is a clear vision of why, who, what, how, when, and where. Having a content marketing strategy, and following it as well, helps in guiding your team’s effort in the right direction through the mayhem of distractions of new technologies and methods. Strategy means that you map out the “why” and “how” so unequivocally, that on a daily basis you’re taking action which is centered and targeted.

  1. Not linking your content marketing to the overall inbound or total marketing strategy

Just having and following a content marketing strategy isn’t enough. It’s an integral part of content marketing, but not the only part. There are many key components included, like developing a buyer’s persona, performing a search engine optimization audit and making it SEO friendly, having a social media strategy, etc. Your content strategy might fail if it’s not integrated with the overall marketing strategy. Because if various parts of your marketing strategy are operating in various directions, it will eventually confuse your customers.

When your content marketing strategy is finally developed, make sure to get all your teams together and get everyone to work in alignment. Invite the sales reps into the meeting too, to make sure that the marketing qualified leads are passed on to the sales team smoothly to close the sales.

  1. Not having a documented marketing strategy

There’s a huge ROI difference between having a documented strategy and not having one. The former doesn’t mean that you need to print it out on a luxurious piece of paper. It means keeping everyone apprised of their roles to be played in implementing the strategy. Having a checklist handy which defines the roles clearly is a huge plus. It also helps in avoiding miscommunication.

  1. Not developing a content calendar

Some tend to underestimate this step, but it’s so important to have one! It helps you in seeing at a glance how the week and month is going to unfold. It also helps in aligning your content calendar with a business calendar. Maybe there’s a launch coming up, or the release of new modules. When everyone sees how the content helps in amplifying these events, it helps the team in being clear about the big picture. It also helps in strategizing and executing the content you love.

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