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5 Best Fails for Bad Business Card Printing

Your company cards are only for communicating an expert image. When they fail to achieve that they aren’t doing their job correctly. Here are the top mistakes to prevent if you would like your cards to get results for you.

DIY business card printing

If you wish to put across an expert image, you’ll need professional searching cards. Cheap paper, clearly home printed surfaces and, a whole lot worse, perforated edges from the tear off sheet look tacky and amateur within the extreme. There are plenty of discounted prices on getting business card printing professionally printed that there’s pointless not to visit a professional check printer. Your image deserves it.

The e-mail address

For those who have a company website your current email address should reflect your website name to appear as professional as you possibly can. Therefore if, for instance, your internet address is blueboxes us dot com, your current email address ought to be Fred at blueboxes us dot com. Using amusing emails, or family nicknames, having a yahoo or Hotmail tag just looks amateur. Even though you may make use of a Gmail address for much of your online communication, it’s worth sorting the official business current email address that supports your company brand. If you do not yet possess a business website, you can purchase your own domain name and link a located email account into it for hardly any money nowadays, when you get the website ready to go.

Where do you turn?

Even nicely designed and professionally printed cards can fail when they don’t tell people what it’s you need to do. Unless of course it’s immediately apparent from your business that which you do, make it totally plain having a short marketing message. For instance in case your company name is Fred Cruz Projects, then you would like to explain what type of project you really do – it may be architecture or gardening, IT or building work.

An excessive amount of information

Your card is not your site. It isn’t a sales brochure for your services. Cramming an excessive amount of information right into a small space does you no favours, nor does carrying out a sell, sell, sell on several individual products. Focus on putting across your primary marketing message, after which direct people aimed at your website for that details. If you wish to say more, hands out a sales brochure together with your card.

Can’t write notes

Regardless of whether you enjoy it or otherwise, at networking occasions people do frequently wish to write notes on cards. It serves to help remind them of what you are and why they may want to speak with you again. To ensure that glossy surface that can not be written on, or that alternative textured fabric finish are actually not likely to operate in your favour. No notes most likely means no follow-up call, so steer clear of the gloss and then leave enough blank space on the rear of the credit card for individuals notes.

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