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5 Ways to Build Your Ecommerce Company’s Instagram Following in 2018

Though there are many different social media platforms a company can use to help build brand awareness and increase sales, Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most effective. In fact, approximately  800 million users access this network monthly, increasing your visibility just by using this particular platform.

But how do you make the most of it as an ecommerce company, building your Instagram following in 2018 as high as it can go? Here are five options to consider.

Use High Quality Images

If you’ve ever looked at another company’s Instagram posts and thought, “Wow. That looks horrible!” then you already know the value of using high quality images. The more appealing your posts are to the human eye, the more likely it is people are going to want to follow you.

Before posting an image or video, look at it and ask yourself how you’d feel if you were a consumer and saw that online. If there’s any hesitation at all, you’re better off skipping that post and using one that will likely elicit a better response.

Highlight Your Customer’s Posts

Another way to hack Instagram Marketing is to highlight posts created by consumers who are pleased with your products and services. This serves as a form of social proof, telling prospective customers that there are others who are already receiving great value by interacting with your business and they should do the same.

The one caveat is that you shouldn’t use consumer posts in your marketing efforts unless you have their permission first. But if you’re just sharing their posts on your page, you should be okay. You can even place them on your website, giving others the opportunity to see your products being used by real consumers.

Show Your Products in Use

Speaking of highlighting real customers, although it’s great to post pictures of the items you sell in your ecommerce store, what can be even more effective is to post images of those items being used. This is especially true if the person using them looks like they’re enjoying themselves.

One way to get these types of images is to do photo shoots with family or friends using those items. Another option is to ask your customers to send in their own pics and feature those on your Instagram page.

Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

If you watch a television commercial that shows your favorite celebrity endorsing a specific product or service, you’re more likely to try that product or service yourself based solely on that person’s recommendation. That’s the power of influencer marketing, making this type of marketing an effective avenue on Instagram as well.

To make the most of your Instagram influencer marketing efforts, you first need to find the right influencers for your particular business or industry. Next, form a partnership with these individuals and/or businesses so they’re willing to recommend your products to their followers. Don’t forget to keep track of the results so you know what efforts are working best and which influencers are providing the most favorable results.

Offer Instagram-Only Sales

Have you ever done business with a brick-and-mortar company that offers sales that you can only enjoy if you shop online? It encourages you to sign up for their emails because you know that doing so will keep you informed as to when they are offering deep discounts.

The same basic principle applies if you offer Instagram-only sales for your ecommerce site. Your clients will be more likely to follow you because they want to be notified when you offer special deals or promotions.

Building a larger Instagram following can really help you grow your business, which means that aplying these five actions to your process can make 2018 your best year yet.

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