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A Definitive Guide to Email Marketing

On 6th August 1991, the world saw a drastic change in the field of technology because it was the day when the World Wide Web was made public to the world. Since then everybody became familiar of the internet and its uses.

And now is the era where every year the internet is bombarded with various technologies – in the form of apps, web pages, and more. Most of the people are, successfully, carrying their business on the internet, regardless of their business size and business type. To spread and take the business forward, communication plays an important role.

Email marketing can be a substantial option for business communication as it is the most considered as well as the professional channel.

What Is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing can be termed as a marketing method or technique used to communicate with a particular group of people for sending commercial messages such as promotion of products and services, requesting business, soliciting sales or donations, solving customer queries etc.

Why Should Email Marketing Be Contemplated? 

B2B always looks for something professional, within budget and less time consuming elements. And email marketing contains all those quality. There’s not a few benefits but there are many benefits of email marketing few of which I have explained in this article.

  1. Most of the world’s population holds email accounts 

There might be business professionals who won’t hold social media accounts but they would surely be holding an email account. Also, you must be aware of the fact that even to sign-up on social media or to create an account on social media you’re supposed to have an email account.

According to a report by Radicati, the total number of worldwide email accounts were recorded to be 3.9 billion which were expected to increase to 4.9 billion by 2017.Hence, one of the biggest part of the world is holding email account. Undoubtedly, social media is the most influential way to reach a larger number of audiences but what’s the point when people aren’t available there. Therefore, email marketing should definitely be employed for B2B marketing. 

  1. Delivers your message to a larger audience 

As discussed above, most of the world’s population is holding email accounts, the chances of delivering message to a larger audience is high. Also, I stated that it’s easy to connect with the masses on social networking but messages sent on social media in the new feed are hardly read.

In comparison, 90% of emails are delivered directly to the recipients email box and the chances of getting those emails opened are also high, since most of the professional’s very first work is to check their email. Even, some of them start their day with checking their inbox.

Some of the reason why people will see your email is that they themselves have opted to receive messages from you. Hence, you’re not sending them emails without their consent but because they have subscribed to your services, newsletters etc.

Obviously, I am not talking in the air but email is the proven marketing channel for delivering your messages to a huge audience.

  1. Better conversion rate 

Any marketer or business professionals working in a B2B industry move with the ultimate goal of acquiring quality leads and driving conversions which means turning their potential customers into a buying one.

Email can be the best channel for conversions because email has great click through and open rates as compared to other channels. This means that your messages will be delivered to most of the people resulting in better conversion rate. 

  1. Yields higher ROI 

I don’t think I need to explain much of this topic. Obviously, when some source is getting you better conversion rates than others, it will also yield better and higher ROI.

You can see the graph by Venturebeat which explains that Email delivers the highest ROI for marketers.

  1. Most fancied way of communication 

Social media is the most personal way to communicate however, email is the most professional way to communicate. According to a study conducted by Marketingsherpa, 72% of professionals prefer to receive promotional messages through email. 

  1. An open platform for all 

Unlike Facebook and Twitter that are controlled by third parties, email is controlled by a particular body and no third party is included, email is open to all.

Social media channels always keep updating their algorithms as a result of which online businesses are very much affected. 

  1. Cost-effective 

There’s no two opinion about it. Email communication or email marketing will be always considered cheaper as compared to other channels. Reason being, it doesn’t require any money to send messages, to advertise, to promote etc. So one can send number of emails to number of people in a specific group at a time. The only thing needed to keep in the mind is that only 100-150 contacts can be sent email at a time. 

  1. The channel will always be alive

 Everything will come and go but email will always remain alive due to the value it provides to the business and other profession.

It is an excellent option available to you with versatile value. It can also be used to follow up with prospects who have visited your website in an attempt to instigate further activity and sales.

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