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Beneficial Tips and Ideas to Make Auto Dealership Marketing Much More Effective

It is a real challenge for a business to market to tech savvy customers, who do a lot of research before visiting any car dealer. This requires auto dealership to be highly responsive, technology-savvy, and customer-oriented. With better and effective marketing strategies, a business can grab the attention of more customers and make more sales.

Use CRM solution

A Customer Relationship Management is a powerful tool assist in directing leads and staff members in enhancing sales. Most significantly, this tool manages contacts and personalizes follow-ups in a professional manner.

Auto dealer CRM help in bringing sales leads through:

  • Online and social networking channels
  • Email
  • Showrooms
  • Phone
  • Customer Service

Use of lead management software

Lead management software comes with a beneficial lead tracking feature that not just results in efficient management of leads, but also increases the number of leads and business revenue.

It affects sales directly by way of integrating marketing and sales together. These efficient solutions also have this inbuilt ability to track the rate of conversations over the chat or phone.

Make a mobile-friendly Auto Dealership Website

Before finalizing on a vehicle, customers do search for reviews, specifications, dealerships and testimonials on search engine using their mobiles. So, it is important to be visible on the web with an impressive mobile friendly and responsive website.

Which marketing technique should you choose?

Car dealerships require organic as well as paid marketing to drive traffic and generate leads. In organic marketing, ensure to focus on best-practices of website SEO in terms of car’s make and model, location and specific keywords of dealership. To use PPC marketing, ensure campaigns are optimized for years of the vehicle, and its make and model, incentives and special offers.

Use video commercials

Video commercials are a wonderful way to leave a long-lasting impression of the brand. Ensure that proper SEO techniques are applied at the time of video promotions for improved searching option. Videos need to be distinctive and creative, to differentiate your dealership from your competitors.

Build a positive online reputation

Prospective customers have a tendency to go through the reviews, testimonials, and comments prior they communicate to you. It is important to build an impactful online presence by creating social media accounts, dealership specific sites, etc. Encouraging your current customers to write a testimonial or review can also help in promoting sales.


These are some of the proven auto dealership marketing ideas that when properly implemented would definitely yield desired marketing results in a business.

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