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Benefits of Off-Site Document Storage over Self-Storage

Nearly all organisations and larger business firms need spacious offices for storing valuable records and confidential documents. But most of the offices are short of space which makes it difficult to store large piles of documents. This becomes even more distressing when there is a continuous need for free space for storing up-to-date documents.

Documents containing valuable information such as tax papers, medical profiles and customer records need to be stored in a proper way so that they can be easily retrieved when required. And the best way to manage them is to hire a document management company which offers safe storage and easy retrieval of documents.

Here are some of the main benefits you can get by storing your valuable documents at a secure off-site document storage facility.

  1. Safety and Preservation of Documents

Relocating your documents to a secure document storage facility will ensure you a safe storage of your documents and provide you with peace of mind that your confidential data is in safe hands. Moving your physical document to a secure off-site facility will reduce the risk of accidental damage to your valuable records.

  1. Cost Reduction

Off-site storage of documents has a big advantage over self-storage when it comes to saving money, as it always costs less than self-storage.Off-site storage facilities have special racking systems which optimize the storage density of papers bunches, in turn, saving you a good fortune.

  1. Making Space in the Workplace

When a huge amount of documents keep piling up the office, they consume a lot of space. Relocating these documents to a storage facility can help youempty a lot of space at the office and create the opportunity to make new work areas where revenue can be generated.

  1. Efficient Management of Records and Easy Access to Data

Document storage facilities have record management systems as well as special barcode tracking systems which helps to manage all document in an efficient way. So whenever you want to gain access to any of your documents, you can just give the storage facility a call and easily retrieve the document. Most document storage companies provide an online document management service which will allow you to request documents from any remote location.

  1. Regulatory Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives the law regarding data retention which states that if a company is unable to properly store and protect its confidential documents, it can face severe punishment and penalties. For any business or company, it is important to meet the GPDR requirements and a secure off-site storage of documents can be the best solution to this problem.

All you need to do is find a document management company that can provide you with a secure storage solution. Someone who can handle your documents in a systematic manner with an advance bar-code tracking system, meaning that you can retrieve them easily whenever you need them. What could be easier? So there you have the benefits of off-site document storage.

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