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Comparing Boilers: How to Know the Best Boiler to Choose

If you have to buy a boiler, you will be thinking of comparing the different types to discover what advantages one model has over another. While this is a good practice that will help you choose a boiler, you should know that there are other issues to consider.

Comparing boilers – characteristics of the building

Depending on the area of the house, if it is a flat or single-family dwelling, its geographical location, how many people live in it and the habits related to the use of hot water, you need to choose the best boiler to meet your requirements. There is a large variety of wall or standing boilers that adapt to both large and small spaces, all with a compact design.

What services do you need?

Only heating? Or heating and hot water? There are wall-mounted or freestanding boilers, combinable with other systems such as radiators, underfloor heating or solar systems, or with larger hot water storage tanks.

Each building is different and that is why different boiler solutions address the needs of each space. For example, a boiler suitable for heating is cheaper and less complex to install and maintain than one suitable for supplying hot water and heating.

Are all boilers equally efficient?

According to experts in commercial boiler installation in London, condensation is the most efficient and ecological technology applicable to boilers, but the degree of efficiency between them can vary according to their modulation ratio. A high regulation ratio implies that the minimum power is very low. The lower the minimum power, the greater the capacity of the boiler to adapt to the real power demands of the installation, both heating and DHW (hot water). This will imply a lower consumption of gas but also fewer shutdowns and ignitions of the boiler and therefore less wear of components and a quieter operation.

Gas inverter technology allows high modulation ratios, a ratio of 1:10 (much higher than that of conventional boilers that used to be 1: 3).

Take into account the power

The power is one of the critical factors when determining the model to choose. A distinction is made between the power in the heating service and that of the domestic hot water (DHW). The higher the power, the greater the production capacity for both heating and hot water, but also the higher energy consumption will be.

The range of domestic condensing boilers covers power up to 40 kW. Ask an installer for advice to indicate what power you need based on characteristics such as the floor area of the building.

Once you know how much power you need, you can make comparisons between different models of boilers of the same power. For example, for a house of 80 m2, a 24-kW boiler should be enough to cover the needs.

Which fuel?

As you know, there are multiple systems to heat a building, gas boilers, biomass boilers, electric boilers, etc. So, choose one depending on the related aspects such as the availability of supply or the price of energy, etc.

It is not the same to have a natural gas supply network as being in an area where there is not this possibility. In this case, you will have to rely on another type of fuel, such as propane or diesel tanks or opt for an ecological fuel such as biomass.

What level of benefits you need

When comparing the characteristics of one boiler with another, take into account the needs of hot water in the building. For example, the micro-accumulation technology allows the reduction of waiting time before obtaining hot water.

The greater the power in the boiler the greater capacity will be to offer hot water simultaneously, that is, it will be possible to use the water at the same time in two different areas of the building (kitchen, washrooms, etc.).

For these cases, with high demand for hot water, and where more than one shower, sink, or kitchen are used simultaneously, almost unlimited production capacities can be offered if a single heating boiler is combined with an external storage tank, although this solution requires more space than a boiler that directly gives both heating and hot water.

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