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Google Analytics Reports: Help Your Clients Monitor The Performance of Their Online Businesses

Google Analytics is something you want to integrate into your client’s websites. Apart from helping them monitor the success of their online businesses, this also provides the chance to expand your relationship with them by providing them optimization services and analytics reporting.

But because not all business owners are familiar with Analytics, you can educate them by setting up simple, custom reports. This provides them a quick look at what is working and what’s not in terms of their online operations without having professional knowledge of Google Analytics. Here’s what Google Analytics reports can help your clients with:

Show the Top Performing Landing Pages for Organic Traffic

Filtering traffic by organic session landing pages is possible with Google Analytics reporting. These reports also let clients see a snapshot of their most profitable landing pages for visitors who are organically-sourced. The use of landing pages as the main dimension allows clients to manually evaluate the keywords and content that drives their organic traffic as well as the pages for which more optimization efforts might be necessary.

Help Clients Understand the Role of their Campaigns in their Sales

Google Analytics email reports allow clients to understand the campaigns which contribute to the greatest amount of business revenue or transactions. With this, clients have more data for marketing optimization.

Show How Customers are Landing Onsite

Google Analytics also has a customer acquisition report that shows where customers land and which channels contribute to the business’ greatest revenue. The report breaks down the e-commerce data for every channel to average order value, total revenue and conversion rate. This allows clients to determine the exact channels that require better marketing efforts.

Help Clients Understand Varying Shopping Behaviors

Today, customers do not limit their shopping through their computer. Their smartphones have allowed an even more convenient shopping for anybody who owns one. However, mobile and desktop customers tend to behave differently. They land on your client’s website through unique channels and tend to interact with their website uniquely. With a Google Analytics report, clients will understand the difference in these behaviors based on the device used.

Show Previous Week Sales

Google Analytics report can determine the specific time of the day and day of the week the highest sales levels took place. This lets clients isolate poorly-performing hours or days. With this feature, they can run special marketing promotions to increase traffic and sales.

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