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How Marketing Automation Tools Are Helping In Increasing Conversion Rate Of Your Ecommerce Website

So, your new Ecommerce website is all polished up and live, you have also done everything in the book to increase the reach of your website and it is also getting a lot of hits. However, your conversion rates still seem very low which a matter of concern is obviously. Here’s what happens. Even though potential customers are visiting your website the entire value isn’t getting conveyed to them in the first time. Also, your website certainly can’t build a relationship with them strong enough to get them to make a purchase. There is also a good chance they are going to forget about you since it was only once they heard about you when you first made contact. All of these factors come together as – no conversion.

A Unified Solution with Marketing Automation Tools

Now that we understand what the problems are standing in your way to get conversions, let’s have a look at what are the solutions we need.

Problem: The value isn’t getting conveyed to the potential customers visiting your website

Solution: Using Marketing Automation Tools you can offer your customers web personalization. Marketing automation tools can help provide a customized experience to the people visiting your website. A customized experience creates more value for the customers and increases the interest of at least 53% of the customers. 45% of the customers who visit your website are likely to convert if you offer them personalized recommendation. Marketing Automation Tools can help you understand customer interests in a better manner and automatically recommend to the customer something that will spike his interest. Your conversion rates can go up to 10 times higher. In fact, using marketing automation tools you will be able to attract high-quality targeted traffic and bring them specific landing pages as per their interest which will ultimately lead to better conversions.

Problem: You’re not able to establish a relationship, at the very first visit

Solution: Even though you get a good number of leads through your campaigns to increase your reach, not all of them will convert the first time they visit your site. Although these might be qualified leads achieved through a highly targeted campaign, 50% of them won’t be ready to buy. Using marketing automation software, you can nurture these leads to establish a relationship and build trust with them. When a customer first visits your site, marketing automation tools record their behavior and send triggered emails to build and nurture relationships.

Problem: Customers forget about you after the first contact

Solution: These tools will allow you to segment your list and send automated personalized emails which are relevant to them. It will also allow you to customize the content of the subsequent emails based on the responses and interactions of your prospective customers so that you can optimize your conversions.

Marketing Automation Software for Better Conversions

Now that we have established that marketing automation software can help you get through the initial hiccups, let us see how else these tools can be put to use for improving your conversion rate

Improves Customer Happiness and retention

The most important sales gimmick that pros use is to show the customer that they care. One way to do this is by making them feel heard ie when a customer send an inquiry marketing automation tools can send automated responses saying their query has been received and they will be given a resolution shortly. Some tools are also able to provide instant solution to customer’s initial queries. Another way this can be done (and again marketing automations tools can do this for you) is by offering them rewards. Marketing automation tools, can offer incentives and rewards based on the customer’s buying behavior thus improving customer happiness and retention.

Improve your social media presence

The reason why businesses use social media for marketing is because it improves customer connect and makes sales easier. Marketing automation software helps you create targeted social media campaigns for example by creating personalized display ads which are known to get 10 times the usual conversion.

Gather data on good leads to have the sales team pursue them

Some marketing automation tools can allot a scoring system to the visitors of your ecommerce website based on how engaged they are. They can also create a list of leads that seem sales-ready and share it with your sales team to pursue. When your sales team pursues such leads they will certainly be able to get them to convert.

Encourage Referrals

The reason why referral marketing is successful is because people tend to believe what they heard via word of mouth or when a friend or family member recommends it to them. It certainly adds more credibility which pushes people towards a purchasing decision. Referral marketing is the most persuasive marketing technique there is. Using marketing tools you can create automated referral programs which send customers discount coupons for when one of their friends make a purchase or something on similar lines. Marketing automation tools can help you turn your customers into brand evangelists.


Has this ever happened to you – say you’re buying a phone on a ecommerce website; just when you hit the add o cart button you get an automatic suggestion which recommends a screen guard and/or a phone case and then you end up buying all of them along with the phone. This kind of cross-selling is done using marketing software and can be great for conversions.

In all of these ways and more, marketing automation tools can prove to be a great support for your ecommerce marketing strategy. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that in this competitive era, without marketing automation tools it is nearly impossible to keep your ground.

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