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Innovative Ideas for your Direct Mail Campaign in 2018

Technology is constantly changing our marketing strategies. The developmental advances in the direct mail industry are staggering, with more companies turning to the communication method. Direct mail is considered one of the leading advertising components, with ad spend for mailing rising by 5.9%. Likewise, around 87% of consumers are estimated to believe the messages within direct mail, with less than half trusting what is said with email marketing. Washington Direct Mail, a leading UK direct mail provider, has recorded astonishing growth within the industry and are sharing their ideas for a successful marketing campaign.

Direct Mail Ideas

Direct mailing has long been thought of as reliable and cost-effective, with revenue gained in responses. Response rates for direct mailing have always been high, more so than many other communication methods, and is gaining popularity within the B2B and B2C world, as we get swamped by junk emails. Only recently, direct mail combined with email marketing demonstrated a 118% lift in response rates. With stats such as these, we are looking into the direct mail campaign ideas.

Dimensional Mailers

We are starting with dimensional mailers, an innovative direct mail format. Today, you need to think outside of the envelope (literally) to stand out amongst the sea of marketing campaigns and emails. Many companies have included dimensional mailers in their advertising, including Smart. To promote their new range of e-bikes, Smart asked their direct mail recipients to build a recyclable helmet from cardboard provided. As you can imagine, this peaked their prospect’s curiosity, leading to higher responses, website visits and social media interaction. However, for smaller businesses, we recommend looking into the costs of dimensional mailers – as they do cost more than traditional formats – before going ahead with the campaign.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is vastly taken over many business industries, and is a buzzword thrown around by many corporations. AR is not only a direct mail trend, but the future for many companies. Pokemon Go started the trend, with the likes of Ikea and even the BBC – building an AR app for users to explore certain UK museum artefacts virtually – following suit. While AR apps such as the ones mentioned above are costly, most utilised by larger businesses, you can incorporate the trend into your direct mail. For example, include a QR code to your piece of mailing for consumers to scan for an illustration to appear. As mobile continues to dominate the industry, you need to consider standing out in the digital age.

Multi-Channel Integration

Similar to AR, multi-channel integration is the future. As mentioned above, combining direct mail and digital advertising provides the best results. By ignoring both markets, you risk losing a large customer base. When it comes to incorporating multi-channel integration to your direct marketing campaign, there are plenty of ideas. You can achieve this by including the likes of a QR code or specific URLs, with a targeted call-to-action. You must include a call-to-action, such as an exclusive discount, to encourage your audience to engage with your brand. From there, you can measure the success by tracking those who visited the URL.

Programmatic mail is also something to consider – especially with the stats of consumers trusting direct mail over email. If a user browses your website, adds a product to their cart and abandons, you can target them through post. An abandoned cart email is likely to be deleted immediately but, within 12 hours, you can send mail asking them not to forget the product. As we all know, it’s harder to ignore a brand when their message is in your house.

Personalised Direct Mail

Personalisation is essential for engagement in 2018. If you are not personalising your marketing campaign, you are throwing money away. You will, most likely, have existing customer data to hand, and you can even buy more in-depth data online – there’s no excuse. Hyper-targeted mail leads to proven responses. How often would you ignore mail addressed to the ‘homeowner’, but open direct mail with your name on? This is one of the most significant direct mail ideas for advertising.


Compared to AR, direct mail postcards may seem a little old-hat. However, do not write them off just yet. Over 56% of consumers take the time to read postcards, and they are relatively cheap to produce – particularly for small companies. There are some factors to consider, such as including call-to-actions and custom landing pages to ensure maximum engagement. Likewise, don’t forget the back of the postcard, as often mail is posted ‘front’ face down. You need to encourage the reader to turn over the postcard within the first three seconds.

There are several strategies to consider for marketing in 2018, and direct mail should be at the top.




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