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Maintain Clean Business Premises In Melbourne With Sparkle Cleaning Services!

Your employees, visitors, staff members and clients deserve coming to a clean, sanitary and well-maintained office, and as the business owner, you have to ensure that. Even some years back, it is necessary to interview and hire janitors and cleaners on payroll. Thankfully, there are some amazing agencies now that specialize in office cleaning Melbourne, and if you want to hire one, you must ask the right questions. For example – How old is the company? What kind of services do they offer, and what about the prices? Are they available to work on a requested schedule? In this special post, we will review Sparkle Cleaning Services Melbourne, which has credible reputation in the industry.

About Sparkle Cleaning Services

Sparkle Cleaning Services was established a decade back, and since then, the company has completed over 250 projects, which is a huge feat. They don’t outsource their contracts, and they probably don’t need to, as they have over 300 janitors, cleaners and employees working for different projects. The company has also won over 90 awards so far, which also tells a lot about their expertise. Apart from regular office cleaning, they also offer deep cleaning and steam cleaning services for establishments like gyms and restaurants, besides working for schools and other commercial setups.

Reasons to hire the company

Apart from obvious experience and expertise, Sparkle Cleaning Services is also known for its customer-friendly services. Unlike other agencies, they don’t have price slabs. Usually, they take client calls and schedule an appointment to discuss things further. An executive will come over to check your requirements and expectations, and based on the cleaning chores, they will offer a free estimate. The estimate will include the cost of cleaning supplies and other expenses, so you only pay what’s mentioned in the memo. The company also focuses on using natural, green and safe products and cleaning supplies, and different jobs and chores can be scheduled in a way that your office hours are never affected.

Sparkle Cleaning Services has made a name for itself in office cleaning dandenong, and credit goes to their team that offers the best possible support for every requirement, complaint and request. In case you are not satisfied with the work, you can use the service guarantee to see remedial action. The company usually offers re-cleaning free of cost or may have offers as per applicable terms. Check their website now to find more details, and don’t shy away from asking questions as we had discussed earlier.

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