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Answering Service Solutions for Business

Making Sure That You Get the Message

Having to make the choice of selecting the best type of business answering service will ultimately depend upon a number of different factors. Answering services normally offer a range of functions atvarious price levels, therefore, small business proprietors should ask themselvescertain questions, like whether a real people need to answer phone calls, orcan an automated voice message system carry out the same job well enough.

  • Some smallerkinds of businesses sell various goods and services, whichrequire the use of a system for taking and fulfilling customer’s orders.

Once theirparticular needs have been determined, however, then any small business owner can then choose the most advantageous, cost-effective solution.

Matters of Complexity

One determinant when it comes to selecting a great small business answering service will be the complexity of customers’ questions and queries, andpurpose for calling. A number of caller inquiries can be undertakenmostly via an automated or voice-activated telephone menu, even though this may be viewed by some folk as being impersonal and somewhat unprofessional.

  • Alternatively, a live answering service is usually preferred to handlecalls, especially in the case of complicated ones.

Nevertheless, it certainly helps things out to have a 24-hour answering service always available to dealwith any immediate and urgent questions.

Common Sense

One other issue is if it is important for the business owner to be able to accesstheir messages at any time. Some customers will naturally be frustrated with any business whose workersarenot able to answer inquiries during normal business hours. So, it makes plain common sense thatbusinesseswould benefit from a company such as Message Direct that providean after-hours reliablephone service, and which manages call taking on nights and weekends.


One crucial issue to consider when looking at a business answering service is whether you need order-processing capabilities.

  • Any companythat sells products or services and takes customer data will have to also decide if they require sales staff also.
  • In addition, another question is whether customer privacy is of importance, and how to make sure that people’s information remains confidential and private.


These days, the favoured solution for many businesses is the virtual answering service. Such a serviceoffers much more than just call answering and message taking.

  • The better companies can arrange for a choice of several options, like an advanced voicemail service, overflow call handling, 24/7 emergency response,media response and requests for brochure and more.


Fora lot of smaller business owners, issues of revenue and prestige are important. A message taking servicewill certainlyhelp to maximise a company’s earning potential, and at the very same time, ensure that all customer inquiries are addressed.

Choosing which business answering service will work best for you, can also depend on your budget. There are a number of great services that evenprovide a free trial period, so why not do yourself and your company a favour and check one out?

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