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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ends 2017 With Tributes to the Lord, to Others and to 2018

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome conducted his last service of 2017 in an event that was marked by singing performances, awards and, of course, tributes to the Lord. In his service on Dec. 31, he also lauded the many successes of 2017 and proclaimed 2018 as the year of “the supernatural.”

Witnessing the Event

Perhaps the most amazing part of the event was the simple fact that so many people had gathered in one place to hear the word of God. This fact alone should delight the Christians in attendance and elsewhere, this considering that the event was seen in person, on television and on computers or other electronic devices.

It would actually take some time for the audience to settle down and take their seats, this because the crowd seemed so ecstatic about greeting Pastor Oyakhilome. The service finally began with a song dedicated to the Lord and an entrance by the pastor, who would discuss the past year.

Honoring Future African Leaders

After a short introduction and the singing of the Believer’s Loveworld Incorporation anthem, the Future African Leaders Awards were presented to the young leaders responsible for significant changes in their communities. This year’s star prize winner was Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu, who was so overwhelmed by her award that she feel to her knees and had trouble containing the excitement she must have felt.

Worship Through Song

The event was also marked by two individual performances. Martin PK first came on stage to sing his gospel “Beautiful Jesus,” a song that was itself honored last year. He was followed by Sinach, whose singing both praised the Lord and seemed to fill the audience with bliss. She appeared on stage with the Pastor Oyakhilome.

Listening to the Pastor

The service ended with a presentation by the pastor, who thanked the Lord before the audience and others watching from throughout the world. He gave thanks to the Lord for his love, his grace and his kindness, and for a flourishing year for his ministry.

Pastor Oyakhilome noted how his ministry has experienced growth, productivity and major achievements, describing 2017 as an “awesome” year. He noted that his ministry had distributed more than a billion copies of his “Rhapsody of Realities” throughout the word. The book is in hundreds of languages. Also mentioned was the success of the Loveword satellite network, including Loveword USA, which can be heard on radio or seen on television and the internet.

Another topic of the discussion was the general impact of the ministry, including the way it has reached out to millions of children through its Inner-City Mission program. It was noted how the ministry has affected thousands through its Healing School and trained thousands through its International School of Ministry.

Moving into 2018

Pastor Oyakhilome said he would like some things to be done differently in 2018. He asked his listeners to go on the KingsChat website and send him the names of their family members, allowing him to reach out to them through prayer. He also proclaimed 2018 as a “very special” year, one in which he expected the world of the “supernatural” to be extended to his followers.

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