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PPC Campaigns Create Targeted Visitors for the Website

Getting traffic to your website is always a good thing, but let’s be honest here… what you really want is buyers, not browsers, and a carefully planned PPC campaign can deliver targeted website traffic that is actually looking for the product(s) you offer.

PPC, or pay per click, is a method of advertising where an advertiser pays a website owner every time a visitor to that website clicks on an ad leading to the advertiser’s website. That means advertisers are only paying for real sales leads with PPC advertising, that is, individuals who are looking for a specific product, typically with the intent to purchase it. Furthermore, driving targeted PPC traffic to your website almost inevitably drives greater sales, as the conversion rate (percent of website visitors who become buyers) is usually much higher for PPC visitors than casual browsers.

PPC Campaign Basics

First, determine your budget. Even though PPC advertising is “pay as you go”, you still need to have a budget for planning purposes. If you have a small budget, you probably want to just target a few high -relevance key words. If you have a larger budget, you can consider focusing on keyword themes that are less closely related to your business and goals in order to try and broaden the reach of your campaign.

Decide on your key words and search terms. This is possibly the most difficult part of the entire process, as you have to choose the terms that people will use when searching for products or services like yours. Organize your key words into groups and themes, and then use these keyword themes in developing your ads. One good idea is to make a list of negative keywords, and make sure to not use any of these negative keywords in your ad copy.

Search engines like Yahoo and Google offer PPC ads. PPC ads are the links showing up at the very top of the search engine results page. These ads are usually sold in an automated auction. Advertisers bid in advance what they are willing to pay for a click on the ad. If you bid the most you are likely to be the top listing in the SERP sponsored results. Content sites also offer PPC ads, but at much less expensive rates, and some at flat rates.

Landing Pages

The landing page is the page of your website where a visitor that clicked on a PPC is taken. While some unsophisticated business owners just like to their home page or a product listing page, savvy website owners develop a landing page specifically designed to convert the targeted traffic driven there by PPC ads. Larger operations will typically have several landing pages, each landing page customized for a different group of key words/targeted customers.

Bidding the right amount for the right key words is the essence of a successful PPC campaign. Let an internet marketing company experienced in PPC Campaigns help you make sure you are bidding on the right search terms and create a successful PPC campaign for you.

While SEO is great for organic promotion of your brand, you also need PPC in the mix. PPC is scalable, and you don’t need to spend beyond your set budget. Check online now to find agencies that specialize in both.

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