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PR Challenges in 2018

PR agency teams utilise a range of media and tools to reach the consumer. Year on year, there are new challenges to be met and opportunities to grasp to create the best results and conversion rates.

Highly productive and evolving methods include:  

  • Media: B2B and B2C.
  • Creative content which can be shared: including brand storytelling.
  • Outreach via digital channels: e.g. social media.
  • PR company events: Stand creation, demonstrations.

Below, leading food and drink PR company, Ceres PR’s professionals have evaluated the prominent challenging areas for 2018.

PR is growing up and it’s ready to be recognised.

In 2018, it’s expected that (finally) professionalism in PR will see a breakthrough. Professionalism in this context is being highly appreciated as a core management concept instilled with discipline and strength.

In 2018, firms should recognise the value of using a PR company and its approaches, this will allow them to achieve their brand awareness targets and to offer the best products or services to consumers.

Technology is a vast development area. 

The internet

Everyday life demands are increasingly being served online. As technology develops, 5G’s introduction and further progress with high speed mobile broadband, will make connectivity even easier for consumers over the next couple of years. PR company experts comprehend its worth. More people than ever have access to online data in a global market, the audiences for PR agency campaigns are growing and by 2025-2030 it’s claimed every person in the world will have connectivity. That’s an incredible reach.

PR company specialists must remain aware of media trends, consumer activity and the ever-shifting landscape to make the most of technological benefits.

Artificial intelligence

Thanks to innovations including Amazon Echo and the Google equivalent, AI is becoming an everyday life tool.

PR agency teams have realised that AI has great potential and delivers changes which aid brand recognition and the sales of products or services. AI does not give a list of answers when asked a question as a search engine does. It offers one, tightening the process. PR must negotiate algorithms and machines, so PR marketing could soon be directed to the AI for the best results.

Dismissing the impact of AI, now and in the future, is a grave error. 


Different platforms secure a range of influencers. As a means of creating trust, experts on social media, from fitness leaders on Youtube to chefs on Instagram, have specific consumer groups which follow them over a long period of time. By harnessing the power of these people to build positivity and influence their (and your) audience towards action, makes conversion rates increase. Selecting the right influencer for your product or service is a task which a PR company carries out with experience and innovation.

The sell is stronger because followers wish to enjoy the lifestyle of the host on screen.

No two clients or campaigns are identical, nor are a year’s demands and opportunities formulaic. Experts appreciate this and maintain focus on developments.

Ensure the PR agency you work with is meeting today and tomorrow’s challenges.

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