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Service Delivery and Understanding Management

In lots of mature markets the only real way to obtain a competitive advantage would be to improve service delivery. Such an atmosphere process management, document management and decision support become key initiatives, giving organizations the opportunity to improve process effectiveness and efficiency.

There are lots of software programs that provide both of the 3 functions in the above list. Actually document management, workflows and decision support aren’t exactly new, either as business concepts or business strategies. However you will find precious couple of technology platforms and systems that provide a mix of the 3 functions clubbed together inside a significant and user-friendly manner.

In Sri Lanka, a little country referred to as “Gem from the Indian Sea” document management and workflow system are just now being considered by mid-sized companies and also the SME sector. The very best companies be capable of afford top global solutions for example File-internet Pro and the opportunity to engage company’s like the Gartner Group to handle Understanding Management initiatives and Enterprise Cms initiatives.

Nevertheless the mid-sized business and SME’s are significant markets for just about any company supplying a robust system, which offers the same functionality because the players within the top flight to have an affordable cost.

Let’s explore what this type of system ought to be:

1) Ideally built with an free platform suitable for Linux, RedHat or Cent OS, while using the My SQL Databases

2) Lightweight, using minimum hardware and innovative methodology in handling documents etc… to enhance processing speed and minimise network load.

3) Demands around the network are an essential factors in markets WAN systems continue to be within the Kbps spectrum and barely measured in Mbps

4) The machine should give companies the opportunity to define and manage their business processes, controlling outcomes that are deliverables to customers.

5) The machine should automate fundamental mundane activities which are most frequently handled by human users, thus releasing employees for tasks which generate more quality for that business

6) The machine should link all sub-systems, databases and silos of knowledge within an organization creating process workflows that flow easily horizontally over the organization

7) The machine also needs to manage the handshake between departments whenever a process moves over the departmental boundary and be sure that the outcome and also the customer experience doesn’t suffer.

8) The machine must allow customer demands to become processed using images instead of getting to maneuver physical documents across the process that is both time intensive and pricey

9) The machine must track Turnaround some time and highlight processes which create rework or aren’t straight through processing transactions

10) The machine must track and monitor SLA’s (Service Level Contracts) and escalate potential issues to managers to enable them to pre-emptively rectify the problem prior to the customer interaction is affected

A method such as this that provides an extensive suit of functionality will easily have the ability to work on the top of existing legacy or core systems. And manage the flow from the business processes, thus increasing the customer experience, effectiveness and efficiency of processes and also the organization in general!

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