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Spruce up your Office Space with Modern Room Dividers  

The Perfect Solution to an Outdated Office Space: Modern Room Dividers

Office spaces don’t typically come custom-made, but our modern room dividers do. We’ve perfected the ability to change the chemistry of a workspace to inspire, motivate, and optimize productivity, all on a budget. So go ahead an nab that less-than-ideal space with the knowledge that it can be customized later with our modern room dividers.

Modern Room Dividers Can:

  • Create More Offices on a Budget
  • Appear to Increase Office Space
  • Modernize and Update
  • Promote Productivity
  • Add a Sleek Look to Cutting Edge new Start-Ups
  • Change an Office Space to a Desired Look
  • Replace Drab Walls with Glass Dividers to Let in Light

Follow our Manufacture Process

From start to finish, our pieces can be mixed and matched to fit a pre-existing office style. Our design options include: frame finishes, glass types, frame designs, handles & locks, and tracks. Each piece of every room divider is made from quality materials and comes in a number of different styles to suit every need and look.

Frame Finishes

Our frames are incredibly lightweight, and made from quality, recyclable aluminum. This means that maintenance is simple and installation is straightforward, so you’ll spend less time updating your office and more time getting your work out there.

Our Frame Colors Include:

  • White
  • Charcoal
  • Black
  • Wenge
  • Walnut
  • Silver

Frame Designs

Our frame designs come in both standard and custom sizes, so the ideal frame for your space is right around the corner. Because the frames are light, moving from room to room is easy and non-disruptive. And with dust-prevention strips, keeping your modern room dividers clean is simple.

Our Frame Designs Include:

  • Continental
  • Duo-T
  • Tokyo
  • Pentagon
  • Quattro
  • Trio
  • Solo

Glass Types

The perfect glass partition can update your office look from old and gray to high-end professional. With a variety of finishes your space can look cool, bright, warm, modern, or sleek. And glass partitions allow your employees to feel connected while having separate meeting rooms and workspaces. We have glass available in standard, 5mm tempered glass, or 7mm laminate.

Our Glass Finishes Include:

  • Milky
  • Semi-Opaque
  • Frosted
  • Linen
  • Clear
  • White (Deluxe or Laminated)
  • Black

Some of these finishes can be made “smoky,” or mixed and matched for combination styles.

Modern Room Dividers: Perfect your Space

Whether you’re updating your office space or switching things up, modern room dividers can be cheap and sleek options for any company. Add an edge to your start-up, re-integrate the flow of your amazing team, or just brighten up an old workstation. Any way you spin it, you have quick and easy design options right at your fingertips.


Space Plus Catalog:- http://spaceplus.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/2014_SpacePlus_Catalog_FINAL_web.pdf

Space Plus: http://spaceplus.com/products/room-dividers/

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