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The Importance of Psychology in Selecting Colours

The pigment dispersion process is essential to producing vibrant colours for your products. Along with choosing the best pigment dispersion manufacturer, you should choose the right colours. Uncover the psychology of colour choices.

Does Colour Psychology Really Work?

Colour psychology has been the subject of numerous studies and consumer surveys. The consensus is that colours do have an impact on decision making. The use of specific colours can influence the way that people perceive a business or product.

Centre Colours can create any colour using an advanced pigment dispersion manufacturing process. The effectiveness of these colours may depend on the psychology associated with it.

While everyone has his or her own preferences, the research of colour psychology indicates there are generalisations related to specific colours. Here is a closer look at the generalisations associated with the most used colours.

The Colour Blue Promotes Trust

The colour blue is often used to promote trust and strength. It tends to have a calming effect on people. For this reason, blue is commonly used by banks and financial institutions.

When promoting security, dependability, and wisdom, blue is an excellent choice. There are some industries where blue may result in a negative connotation. For example, blue is known to suppress the appetite, which is why it is rarely used in the food industry.

The Colour Red Should Be Used with Caution

The colour red tends to trigger strong emotions. It is a powerful colour that represents power, passion, and excitement. The colour red can also signal danger, anger, and pain. Due to the powerful emotions associated with the colour red, it should be used cautiously.

The Colour Orange Is Warm and Friendly

The colour orange promotes warmth and friendliness. It is a colour that is rarely used for corporate brands as it can also represent immaturity. Orange is a good choice for youthful and innovative brands that want to showcase their sincerity and courage.

The Colour Green Is Associated with Health

The colour green is often linked to health, nature, and freshness. These are all traits that are suitable for the food industry. In fact, green is very commonly used by health food brands.

Along with the colour blue, green can represent strength and stability. It is also used by financial institutions and banks.

Last Thoughts on Choosing the Best Colour

To find the best option, try multiple combinations of colours. Start with a basic colour and then explore various shades of the same colour. Before finalising your decision, produce a sample or try to imagine the finished product with a specific colour.

Every colour can produce both positive and negative reactions. The goal is to find a colour that closely matches the image you want to project. Along with the primary colours discussed, there are millions of shades and hues. Do not forget to consider as many options as possible.

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