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Things to Avoid While Destroying Wet Documents

Have you been struck with a catastrophe lately? Are you suffering the aftermath of the hurricane? You need to come out strong to deal with the issues at hand and start afresh. It is easier said than done, as most people may not have a clue where to start. There may be an array of things to be sorted out in order to start afresh. The most common problem that people may face after a hurricane would be water clogged in their basement. Chances are higher that your office or home would be having a basement that keeps important documents safe. However, with water clogged in the basement, you would have wet documents.

How do deal with wet documents?

You may have several important documents that may have become wet due to a massive hit by hurricane. These documents would be of utmost importance, but now they may have become useless. The question to ponder upon would be how to deal with wet document destruction. Apparently, there has been a world of choices for dealing with document destruction needs. However, dealing with wet documents may not be an easy task. Therefore, you should be utmost careful when dealing with wet documents.

There are certain things that you should not do with your documents. Some of them have been explained below.

  • Do not throw away the wet documents

You should be rest assured that throwing away important documents would be a bad idea. Foremost, these documents may hold great importance to you and secondly, you may clog the drains with wet documents. The document should be destroyed in the right manner, if it is of great value. Moreover, throwing away a wet document would only complicate the issues further. The document may clog the main drain in the street leading to further water problems.

  • Using the paper shredder

You may not be able to use paper shredder on a wet document. The wet paper may stick to the shredding machine and block it completely. You would have to take care of your shredding machine as well. Therefore, shredding the wet document should not be an idea to consider.

  • Not taking mold growth lightly

It would be of great importance that you should not take mold growth lightly on wet and damp documents. It would pose a serious threat to the environment and your health.

You should seek professional assistance to handle your wet document shredding needs in the best manner possible.

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