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Tips for Getting Labels Printed

Labels are commonly used in many different industries for a variety of reasons. The main reason for using a label is to identify what’s in a box. However, labels can also be used to indicate the weight of an item, the ingredients used within, the date of manufacture or expiration, or virtually any other important thing that may be necessary for further processing or for the consumption of the product. There are strict legal guidelines that must be followed by businesses when placing labels on different products. For certain products, having particular labels on the box is required.

As a business owner, making sure that you have the necessary labels available for all kinds of boxes and products is important. If the labels are not available, the shipments may have to be stopped, which will ultimately affect the entire supply chain. It’s important for you to ensure that you hire a reliable label manufacturer who can provide you the different kinds of labels at the lowest prices. If you want to get labels made for your products, here are a few tips to help you find a reliable print label manufacturer.

Making a Shortlist

The first thing you need to do is to compile a list of three or four major print label manufacturers and suppliers within the country. If you are in a major city in Australia, chances are that there are several companies that offer print label manufacturing. You can talk to locals and find out about companies that are owned and operated there. Reputable companies such as Dial A Label have been printing and making labels for local businesses within the area for many years.

Asking for Quotes

When you first ask the company for a quote, make sure that you provide all relevant details such as the material used for the labels, the size of the labels, the printing ink to be used, and whether the labels should be waterproof or not. All of these minor details will ultimately affect the price of the label. Different companies will provide you their quotes, allowing you to make a decision by comparing prices.

Some companies also offer a price-beat guarantee, so if you like the quality of their labels, you can show them lower quotes from other companies and they will reduce their price accordingly. You can even buy custom label printers according to your needs and use them to print out customised labels.

You can place a small order for custom labels and check the quality of the product before making a decision. Many companies also offer discounts if you order the labels in bulk quantities from their store directly, so be sure to factor in the reduction in price.

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