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Understanding the Different Types of Bar Stools

Bar stools are popular for both restaurants and homes. Every restaurant now has an open bar area so those who wish to just drink can do so. At home, people prefer having a bar area so they need not go out just to drink.

If you are looking for restaurant chairs for sale for your restaurant, consider buying bar stools. You can use them if you have an open bar. You can also use them if your restaurant has taller tables. Here are the types of bar stools to choose from.

Traditional bar stools

They come in different designs, but usually, they combine wood and blackened steel. They can blend well with almost any type of furniture that you buy for the restaurant. They also work well with whatever concept you have in mind as the overall theme for the restaurant.

Form bar stools

They are stools that come with a backrest. This makes them pricier than other types of bar stools. They look more modern though. People who want to fully relax while drinking will surely prefer this type of stool. There are full and low-back support versions available.

Acrylic bar stools

Acrylic looks really fascinating even from afar. They are perfect for people who wish to speak with each other while drinking. For instance, two ladies hanging out for a drink would love this kind of bar stool. It is also perfect for people who are out on a date.

Metal bar stools

They look natural and can easily blend well with other furniture. They also look modern and classy. They can create a fresher vibe in the restaurant.

Backless bar stools

While most people prefer stools with a backrest, there are stools without one. They are the more classic type. They are cheaper and they can be easily moved around. They are not completely backless in some cases though as you can have bar stools with support from the lower back to the hip.

Upholstered bar stools

They are quite pricey, but they look really good. There is a wide range of colours for you to choose from. You can also customise them based on the overall design that you have in mind. There are some people who feel uneasy sitting on a high bar stool; a chair looks and feels more comfortable for them.

These are just some of the best choices when it comes to bar stools. Restaurants must have an open bar. Therefore, you need to consider investing in bar stools. Each stool is quite pricey so you have to prepare for the overall cost. You should also decide how many to buy based on the size of the open bar.

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