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Videos vs Blogs – Which Work Better?

Blogging and video-blogging (‘vlogging’) are extremely effective marketing strategies for brands which want to increase website traffic. It is not just brands and businesses which take advantage of them, though.

Savvy individuals also understand the potential of blogs and vlogs and the importance they play in establishing yourself on the internet. From animal blogs about cats, health and beauty vloggers on YouTube or world-leading businesses, it seems everybody is doing it.

It is a very serious and lucrative business; some of the internet’s best-known bloggers and vloggers are turning over six-figure incomes and becoming celebrities in their own right. All it takes is a good way with words or learning about video editing tools to do it, so it is no surprise that it has become popular in the mainstream.

But, when it boils down to marketing potential and gaining exposure, which one of the two works better?

Benefits of Vlogging

With vlogging, you have much more creative control; you are not confined to the written word. Video content is much more engaging and entertaining than reading, it is direct, better expresses emotion and you do not have to worry about being judged on your writing capability.

Vlogging is much easier to get started with, too. All you need is a half-decent camera, some video editing tools and an internet connection to get going. You do not need to build your own website or a place to publish your content because websites such as YouTube already exist. Tying into that, you also need not think about building an audience either because, unlike on a blogging website, there is already a huge audience ready and waiting for new content.

Benefits of Blogging

Although blogging is much more difficult to get started and established with, it is still a very powerful marketing strategy; the written word is a powerful tool which can make or break you or your brand.

Blogging is a lot more personal than vlogging, and people buy into that. When you start a blogging website, it is yours to do with what you please; you can make it look the way you want and adapt it to suit you or your business. Plus, it looks a lot more professional and adds additional credibility. Although blogging is still relatively new (it did not come about until the very late 90s), vlogging is widely viewed as the ‘millennial’ alternative by older and bolder business professionals; this may not suit certain commercial industries.

Also, with your own blogging website, you have the capability to boost search engine optimization by blogging regularly using keywords and phrases which relate to your brand or industry. This optimization makes you easier to find on the internet and can increase your exposure to your target market and potential clients.

The Verdict

Whether to blog or vlog is down to you and the needs of you as an individual or your business. Personally, we believe blogging is the best way to establish yourself as an industry-leader, connect people with your brand and develop relationships with your customers.

Both blogging and vlogging provide plenty of benefits to those who produce content; it is difficult if not impossible to say that one is better than the other. Each have their own pros and cons, but what we do know is that vlogging is very much on the rise and will likely overtake blogging in terms of popularity, if it hasn’t already done so.

Why not do both? It is very easy to tie in blog posts with videos, which gives you the best of both worlds and can only serve to boost your exposure.

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