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What is content marketing?

Many brands and SME’s are now partnering with search marketing agencies to help improve their online presence. With the digital world developing and more businesses going online, it’s becoming harder for each individual site to stand out on search engines. Search marketing is a broad industry that can help benefit your business in many ways. Whether it’s through the use of services like SEO, PPC, social media or content marketing, there’s many ways that can help drive relevant traffic to your site and push you to the top of the ladder in your industry.

Each service within search marketing offers unique advantages that can help your business succeed in the long run. Although SEO and PPC are two of the most talked about areas of the industry, more and more brands are now turning to content marketing as a way of strengthening their online image.

What is content marketing?

With traditional marketing starting to become less effective, content marketing is a creative way of sharing relevant content with your audience that in turn, helps drive traffic to your site which hopefully converts into sales.

Whether you’re seeking help from a search marketing agency or not, content marketing should be a method used within your process regardless. Two examples of where content marketing should be used are for SEO and inbound marketing purposes. In terms of SEO, if you’re sharing high quality content then Google will pick up on this and recognise you as a reliable, trustworthy site. As part of your inbound marketing strategy, content is essential. In order to drive inbound traffic to your site, the content you’re sharing needs to appeal to the reader and attract them to your website.

Using content marketing in a campaign

A great way of raising brand awareness, sharing relevant content and driving traffic to your site is by creating a content marketing campaign.

In order to make a successful campaign you need a creative idea that bloggers and editors will want to talk about and share on their site. Once the idea is in place, it’s then onto creating an asset, the show piece to the campaign. Whether it’s a video, infographic, image or an eBook, your asset needs to appeal to your audience and represent everything the campaign is about.

With the concept and asset in place it’s then that the campaign can begin and be outreached to relevant bloggers and editors. Outreaching the asset isn’t easy and not everyone will want to share it, although some people will. For anyone who wants to be involved in the campaign it’s important to set out requirements for the post including word count, backlinks and social sharing.

Tracking the success via social media

Once the campaign is up and running and people have started talking about the concept and sharing it on their site, it’s a good idea to include social sharing so you can track how many people are getting involved with the campaign.

Creating a relevant hashtag for the campaign means that if bloggers share their post on social media and use the hashtag, you can use various platforms to see what sort of engagement the posts are getting and any feedback about the campaign.

Content marketing is just a small area of the search marketing industry but it can have a huge impact. In order to run a successful campaign, it’s best to seek help from an agency who have experts covering all areas of search marketing.

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