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What to Do If You Are Not Getting Perfect Two Wheeler Insurance Plans

Purchasing a two wheeler in India is perhaps the first thought that comes to an individual’s mind when he thinks of commuting; given the condition of roads and traffic in this country. But owning a two wheeler comes with its set of prerequisites. And they not only are for the sake of law, but are also enforced keeping in mind your own safety and the costs that you would have to incur in case there occurs any sudden mis happening. The first thing on the list would be investing in  a proper two wheeler insurance policy. Now, in this modern era of online marketing, it becomes somewhat difficult to choose the most appropriate plan for yourself and your vehicle, especially when you come across a lot of plans on your phone itself. And most importantly, almost each one of them would try to lure you with discounts and lower premium rates. Lower premium rates do not always mean the particular policy would be beneficial, the type of coverage at the time of any emergency scenario matters. Certain terms and conditions associated to a plan may ensure lesser premiums, but during the case of an accident they may not cover the entire costs of coverage, and you may have to pay out of your savings.

Ways to Make the Most Out Of Your Two Wheeler Insurance

Rather deciding upon the discounts, one should invest upon two wheeler insurance policies that promise better value in return. Such policies are the ones that help in avoiding the impact you may suffer financially due to an accident, a theft or any third party damage. It is a well circulated fact that two wheeler insurance  would cover for the damage caused to your vehicle maybe due to any man-made or natural calamity. But since it is difficult for one to predict what sort of unforeseen scenario may land in front of him, so including certain terms and conditions while investing in  an insurance policy might help in making the most out of them:

  • Investing in Add-On covers: Add-on covers, or so called Riders, help in covering the damage caused due to day to day commute. For an instance, if you happen to reside in an area where water logging is an issue, you may include an add on cover that would pay for the damage done to the engine, and may even include additional expenses of towing and mechanics.
  • Round the clock services: Up to a certain limit, your two wheeler insurance plan would cover for the expenses you might incur while towing your vehicle to the nearest mechanic, and that’s not all. There are policies which ensure coverage for round the clock service of your vehicle, in case of any emergency. Covering such regulations while purchasing a policy might actually help in situations of emergency.
  • Invest in long term plans: The prime headache of investing in  an insurance policy, on a two wheeler insurance policy to be precise, is the tantrums of renewal. So, investing in  a long term insurance cover would ensure lower premium rates, and exemption from paying higher amounts due to annual third-party liability hikes.
  • Add coverage for your safety: It’s not for your vehicle, if it’ not for you. No matter how hard you may have to work to pay for your premium, investing in an accidental coverage for yourself as well as for your pillion rider should be on the top of your priority stack as and when you plan to buy a two wheeler insurance policy.

Extreme Tactics You Have To Read To Believe About Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Policy Lapsing: It is one of the major concerns related to two wheeler insurance Improper and unpunctual payment of premiums, delay in renewing policies that lead to lapsing of your plans, which would also limit your benefits and rights to claim. In order to avoid such situations, make sure you never allow your policy to lapse until and unless you stop using a two wheeler. Some of the firms even allow reinstating your lapsed policies within a period of 90 days post the policy renewal dates.
  • Renewal: You can extend or renew your policy by contacting your concerned insurance providing firm.

If you spend a considerable amount of time while purchasing your two wheeler insurance policy, you would save a lot of your funds as well as stay away from mental tension.

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