Are you happy with your DTH provider?

We list the parameters which will help you judge how to pick the right DTH provider amongst the current lot.

Most customers’ experience with a lot of service-oriented businesses is a bitter one. They complain that companies lay out the red carpet for customers till the sale is final. But after this, they completely ignore customer welfare and do not offer lasting solutions to any operational problems.

This is especially true of the DTH industry. There are market leaders and there are local operators who provide these connections, but only a few can keep customers satisfied with great service and good products. If you are looking for a good DTH provider, you might consider going by these parameters to choose:

* Responsiveness and complaint redressal.

The first test of a good DTH provider is how quickly the company logs in your request for a new connection and mobilises the technical team in your city to meet you at your residence to discuss your needs. There are normally two parts of the sales process – one team handles the sale of the equipment while the other handles the installation. Some leading providers like Airtel do both tasks via the same team, so the customer does not need to devote time for it twice. Normally, Airtel sends the technical team to your residence on the same day to discuss your needs and recommend a good pack for you. The technician then explains the installation process and sets about fixing the dish at a convenient location to get maximum range of beamed channels.

It might also happen that there may be initial stutters when you start using the connection. You might be unsure about how to toggle between channels, or record programmes, or even operate the set top box correctly. At this juncture, the provider should guide you patiently as many times as necessary, instead of telling you to call customer care to get answers.

* Channel packs and their price.

The next important parameter to look out for is how much the provider is charging you for its different packages, and how many channel packs are there in the first place. Study the packs being offered to you – how many of these channels are free to air, and how many are paid? What is the ratio of HD:SD channels being offered? Do you have to pay extra for certain genres, like lifestyle/infotainment, sports, etc.? Also ask if there is any limit in the year on switching from one plan to another. You will find that leading providers like Airtel DTH have the widest range of packs priced quite reasonably. Airtel also offers an HD set top box with a base pack costing just Rs 292 (50 HD channels free and 291 channels at Rs 315).

* The installation process.

Next, discuss the provider’s installation process in detail. It should be done within hours of confirming your order, and should not take more than a couple of hours. Leading providers like Airtel do not carry out extensive wiring or poke holes in the walls to install the connection. On your part, you can get permission from your building society on the best spot for fixing the dish.

* Easy recharge process.

Lastly, check how easily you can recharge the monthly DTH connection. It should be done on the provider’s website or smartphone app within minutes. Leading providers like Airtel offer easy payment options on the myAirtel app (net banking, Airtel Payments Bank, debit/credit cards) and the chance to change packs at the time of recharge.

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