Dealing with Complaints as a Corporate Event Takes Place

You prepared well for a significant event involving many employees and even top executives. You worked for months to make it happen. You want the actual event to be smooth and free from problems. Unfortunately, you cannot expect things to go in that direction. Even at the event, you will still receive complaints from the attendees. These are some tips to help you deal with those issues.

Provide the necessary information to all attendees 

To reduce the complaints and questions during the event, you need to provide all attendees with what they need to know. They might ask about the location of facilities in the venue. If you give them a map before they arrive, they will not need to ask. If you tell them where to park their cars and if they need to reserve a parking space, they will take the necessary action. You may also provide a schedule of the programme so they will know when to be around for the sessions they want to attend. Reduce the possibilities of questions by informing everyone of what to expect.

Create a help desk 

You need to have a team whose sole responsibility is to deal with complaints, questions, and other issues. They need to be in an area which is visible for all the attendees who need help. The desk needs to be near the entrance door or somewhere near the stage. Train these people to deal with different personalities and remain calm even when they are under intense pressure.

Prepare a room 

You might have guests with severe complaints, and some of them might be challenging to contain. You do not want their emotional outburst to impact the activities. Therefore, it helps if you have a private room where you can discuss the problem. You may also call the right people to deal with the matter to enter the room. Check with the event venue to see if they have a room to handle these cases. You can check out and see if the places offered are perfect for your event.

Act immediately 

Some problems could be quickly solved. For instance, if the guests did not like the food or they found something wrong, the waiting staff could handle it. If they need additional supplies, you can also assign a team to help out. Do not prolong the problem if it is easy to solve.

Deploy security officers inside the venue 

Some guests might be civil when asking questions or raising complaints. However, not everyone will act similarly. Therefore, it helps if you deploy security officers in the area to ensure that your team remains safe. You do not expect terrible things to happen, but if they do, it helps that you have security officers on standby. Besides, if something terrible happens, these officers can quickly respond.

You do not want complaints during this event, but you need to deal with them if they arise. You may also carry out a survey after the event so that you can improve things for the next time.


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