Decoding the Best Financial Marketing Trends for 2019!

With changing perspectives of consumers and shift in technology, the financial sector has evolved considerably in the last decade. Marketing for financial services sector is not just about traditional means anymore. Experts like Nadeem Shaikh believe that the future of financial sector marketing will be digital, much like most other industries. In this post, let’s decode some of the financial marketing trends that are likely to take prominence in 2019.

Focus on diverse channels

Banks, financial institutions are already taking note of how customers are using their services. More than 55% of the world population has access to the internet as of 2018, and a considerable percentage of these users have access to modern technology, in form of gadgets and devices. Today, it is rather foolish to believe that a customer will visit a company’s office for every single purpose. People need to have access to the financial services and brands they are using, so everything from creating an app to offering online services is important. Not using technology for financial marketing would be criminal in 2019, and marketing experts are already taking advice from financial experts as how they can amalgamate services with technology for better branding.

Personal experience for customers

Customers want to be sure that brands care for them, and in the financial sector, it is equally about aspects data security and related aspects. All financial institutions are likely to focus more on offering customers a sense of security and better personal assistance. Having special managers for important accounts, sending more customized emails is also very important for companies. It would be interesting to see how smaller financial institutions take note of these changes and adapt to changing operations.

It will be about data

Today, brands are consistently trying to explore financial marketing by using data. Keeping a tab on critical data allows marketing agencies to focus on the financial sector better by keeping customer concerns and behavior patterns in mind. It is also very likely that financial institutions will be relying on internal data and market information to decide on the strategies that may work better for the digital space.

Financial marketing in 2019 is also going to be about social media. Marketing experts are keeping a close watch on how the customers are reacting to social media information and the kind of things that people share about financial brands on various platforms. With new technology and blockchain coming to the forefront, it is expected that the financial sector will have its marketing moment this year.

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