Discover Packaging Designing Trends to Unpack In 2019

Packaging design is consistently developing, so as to fulfill consumer taste and demands. It is becoming easier to use, more efficient, and visually compelling. Nonetheless, it is challenging to align all these functions simultaneously, so as to offer consumer great unboxing experience. Creating visual experience for an e-commerce store can be hard at times but it is getting better and better.

Discover packaging designing trends to unpack


Minimal design is here to stay for long. Keep it basic and simple till you discover signs and symbols your target audience can relate with. Once the symbolism is nailed, message with few words can explain itself. Use less language, so as to synch in with fast paced society because people hardly have time to read what your merchandise is about.


Pastels on retail boxes reveal your softer side. It will give products warm and candid aura, which translates pleasing and friendly message for possible consumers. Rather than being dazzled and rushed in to look, smell, taste, touch or finally buy customers can be gently eased in the process.


Doodles on packaging is a fun way to describe what is within the box. People actually smile before they unbox the product.

Big words

Big and bold words help to send clear and loud messages. It does not matter if the message is serious or funny but be creative. Blend it with wise color choice and easy to read font for guaranteed impact on buyers.

Unique materials and shapes

Turn a resin package into sheltering tree stump or juice can in bamboo segment. Literally, there is nothing left to do but place logo on this extreme packaging design. There are no needs for words or pastels. Method reveals resourcefulness and thoughtfulness that your product brings in the market.


Vintage design brings a crucial segment from the past culture. It is an efficient way to demonstrate dedication to specific quality level, possibly unchanged since product inception. Vintage conveys a traditional story of respect, passion, and elements that still flourish. It can be experienced from design perspective via dense details, organized structure, and potent long-term identity.


Visual message conveyed by a photo is strong and capable to make people pause. Designer gets freedom to get creative and come up with something crazy but attractive.

Holographic effects

Ordinary concept transforms into extraordinary with holographic foil stamping. The non-tarnishing metallic effects helps to add value and elegance to any packaging design.

Vibrant gradients

Currently, colorful gradients are being seen more and more. It adds form and depth to packaging design.

Consistently pushing boundaries will allow innovation and progress to prosper and thrive. Even packaging is getting exciting!

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