How to deal with new clients

Finding a potential client and intensifying talks and negotiations with him in order to start a long-term agreement is definitely something good. Although, it’s an exciting process, it can be really tiring and tricky.

Because there is always a gap between what the client needs and what they can afford. The initial phase is absolutely crucial for any digital marketing agency to put the client back to his senses and make him realize what he can really afford given his capabilities, product, and also the market situation.

We defined here a set of questions to be asked to the clients in order to make this process easier. It’s all about asking the right questions.

1- Who is he and what does he do?

The Digital marketing agency should have a clear definition of the client. Set a series of launching meetings with the clients only to find a clear answer to this question. By the end of these meetings, the agency should have a clear clue about the product the client aims to offer, his target audience

There are also additional questions to be asked for further understanding about the product and if it is really satisfying for the target audience and will meet their needs. It’s better also to inquire about the current competitors of your client offering the same service/product and check if there’s potential for more competitors to pop up in the near future.

2- What are the client’s goals?

Any client stepping in a business meeting with marketing service providers will have a set of expectations in his mind for his business. As professional advertisers, you should come up with all the client’s expectations, write them down, and discuss the feasibility of each goal.

Asking the right questions will help the advertiser to know where to focus his efforts and how to utilize the budget and resources available.

3- Is there a team?

In light of the needed work and the client’s expectations, you have to consider who you will be working with. When planning the digital marketing strategy for a client, you have to know if there is team based by the client to incorporate in your strategy. You should also have a clue about their skill level and the amount of time they will dedicate to the project every week.

4- Which platform to choose?

Defining the platform depends on many factors like the market trend and preferences of social users. Also factors like the type of product and target audience can heavily weigh in choosing the right platform to choose.

For advertising a new food product in Saudi Arabia for example like candy and after setting adolescents from 12 to 18 years old, it’s better to choose instagram as the main medium and include a certain advertising budget for Twitter and Snapchat since the latter is really popular between teenagers in GCC region.

5- What is the budget?

Setting the budget is always the advertisers’ role since they have more experience and they have been subjected to a lot of similar situations before. By defining the target audience, team, platform, and goals, the marketing agency should have a sense about the convenient budget.

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