How to Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaign?

Nowadays, email is an effective way for companies to advertise themselves. Many still prefer to use the direct mails because of their budget issues. A study claims that using direct mail marketing gives an ROI of 7 percent, whereas using email marketing gives 28.5 percent! Nevertheless, many businesses underestimate the power of using email marketing, and in order to convince them, we have listed a few ways on how to enhance their email marketing campaigns for any kind of business.

  1. Customize the email content

Many marketers are known to the pros of personalization, but many underestimate them. Customized or personalized email content is the best way to add gold to the effectiveness of email marketing. These emails provide 6 times more transaction rates than emails with zero personalization. For many businesses, personalization simply means that including the name of the recipient in the content. This is not effective as the customer is aware of the same. Rather, personalization must be leveled up. You can achieve this by segmenting your audience into groups. Then you can send more relevant content in each group assigned.

  1. Stop using certain words

Spam filters tend to cease malicious emails from reaching the customers. Certainly, as spammers tend to use words that businesses prefer to use. Hence, filters are getting more enhanced, letting more bona fide content to gain access into the inboxes. There are times when your emails might get mistaken for something spam-my. Hence, stop using certain words that are deemed spam by filters like bargain, 50 percent off etc. Also, if it really seems necessary to be used in your email campaign, you are restricted to use only one high level spam word per email in the content and the subject line. This brings down the chances of being dropped directly into the spam folder.

  1. Alter the times to send away the emails

The gist here to lure in people just when they are about to check their inboxes. This puts your email somewhere in the top of their inbox. The more the time is between you sending the mail and them checking it, the less likely it will be read by them. Never send out emails at the time your competitor is sending, so always send them out on weekends.

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