How to make your website more easy to use

Over the course of time, websites have evolved into so much more than just text written on pages. The user expectations from a website have changed more than ever. They are looking for a comfortable, intuitive, and entertaining experience. Everything from the aesthetics of the site to the CTAs has a huge impact on the visitors. We all know WordPress is a popular CMS because of its user-friendliness but even if you are using it, you must do some extra effort to make your website user-friendly.

Improve your website’s speed

All visitors expect a website to load fast even when they are browsing from their mobile device. If it takes more than 3 seconds to load, a visitor will not hesitate in abandoning your website. Speed matters if you want to keep visitors coming back to your website.

There are lots of tools out there you can use to check the speed of your website. From there, you can take measures to improve the speed of your site.

Provide them with wholesome information

Your visitor must get access to all the information they need to make an informed decision. If they have to hunt down the information, that would make your website less user-friendly. It could also frustrate your visitor and they might prefer using your competitor’s site. Your site must offer in-depth information and it must answer the concerns of the user so that it could help in conversion.

Choose the right color scheme

You have to be extremely careful in choosing the color scheme for your website. There should be a perfect balance between clarity and beauty. The color palette must match your industry. It must contrast between the background and text. It should not put a strain on the eyes of the reader at all. Otherwise, they will have no choice but to leave your site.

Work on the layout of your site

Don’t forget that 80 percent of internet users browse the internet from their smartphones. Therefore, you must work on improving the layout of your site. Your website must have a responsive layout so that mobile users can easily access the site without zooming in. This would also make navigating the site easier.

Work on your CTAs

Don’t underestimate the importance of good CTAs. Use lots of them and make sure you place them in the right location. The CTA button must be loud and clear and there should be additional information about the signup underneath it.

Work on the site navigation

Your site will be easy to use if its navigation is smooth. All consumers want is knowing where to go to find the product they are looking for. Here are some tips on how you can improve the navigation:

  • Make an accessible main menu: There should be an accessible main menu on your site so that users can easily open the links they want to.
  • Add drop-down menu: A drop-down menu makes it easier for a user to directly visit the page he wants to.
  • Keep the menu short: You don’t have to list down everything in one menu. A too long menu can be irritating. Just include what’s necessary. Make sure you add a search bar on the website so that your users can easily find what they are looking for.
  • Double check the menus and links: Broken links hurt the credibility of your website. Make sure all of them are working all the time.
  • Keep the promotion section separate: It would be great if you can set up a separate promotion category. This will make it easier for your visitor to find the items that are on sale or promotion.
  • Make it accessible on all platforms: Whether it is smartphones, PC or tablets, make sure your website is accessible on all platforms. Also, your website should look similar on all platforms. This would make it easier for a user to switch to another platform and complete his purchase.

Check your competitor’s website

There should be a standard to which you can measure the navigation and user-friendliness of your website, right? Then why not test it against your competitor’s website? Visit their site and jot down everything that you like and don’t like. After this, go back to your website and navigate it like any visitor would. Compare your site to that of your competitor and if you see any room for improvement, add it to your to-do list.

Improving the performance of your website is going to be an on-going process. You must continue testing and tweaking the site to ensure it is easy to use and your visitors will have a great user experience.

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