How to Market Your Business with Email

Email is a very important marketing channel for businesses to develop and create relationships with potential clients. This article explains the best ways to put together a strong, successful email marketing strategy for your business.

Grow an engaged email list

It’s important to regularly acquire email addresses of potential clients that will engage with your emails and hopefully then become paying customers in the future. It’s worth considering places that are visible, such as social network sites, and promoting your email address in a visible spot on your website too so it’s easily spotted by any visitors to the site.

Design with modular email templates

Spending time designing your emails to make sure that they’re personalised for your business and for your customers is also important. Making sure that the design is consistent across emails will help customers recognise you, and will look more professional than quickly thrown together newsletters that vary every time.

Develop a consistent brand voice

Your emails should hold the same tone as your website and any other marketing that your business has. The brand voice will vary depending on your business and service, but finding the right voice will provide a valuable service.

Provide a welcome email

Upon signing up for an email list, a customer should receive a welcome email quickly afterwards. If they don’t receive this email, there’s every chance that they might ignore your future emails, or mark them as spam.

Send promotional emails

There’s a variety of promotional emails that you can send, such as;

  • Discount codes for your services
  • Special upcoming events
  • Any social media promotional campaigns
  • Customer features that show your worth
  • Product news and updates

Make sure not to overdo the emails though; although it’s important to keep in contact and update your customers, sending too many emails may be a hindrance and make them lose interest.

Decide if a newsletter is the right decision

Newsletters can be a great way to expand and market your business, however you need to consider if it fits properly with your business style and content. Make sure that if you choose to send newsletters that you keep them consistent but not too regular; you don’t want to overdo it. You also want to make sure you’re using the right software for newsletters too.

Send win-back campaigns

Paying attention to your engagement levels will help reveal insight about your emails. Sometimes, no matter what changes you make to your emails, some people just won’t engage. At this point, you might consider removing these email addresses from your lists, but it’s worth trying to send a win-back email as a last chance, as it may entice them back into engaging with your emails.

Using these various tactics can really help boost your business via email. It may take some time to perfect them, but using these steps will help market your business and promote yourself via email.

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