Is Search Engine Optimization for Plumbers Worth the Money you are Spending?

If you are a plumber, do you need Search Engine Optimization to market your business or services? That is one of the biggest questions that need to be answered when it comes to plumbing services and digital marketing or SEO.

A lot of digital marketers, SEO experts, or contractors promise a lot but delivers little to no results. When SEO companies like seelutions wins a customer service award, they need to be more assertive and show to their clients that the award is not just for show. They received the award because they deserved it and the results are proof of their excellence.

So, you have to question yourself as a professional plumber, “Do you even need the SEO?” Search Engine Optimization has become more complex and changed a lot over the years, especially for maintenance services like plumbing, electrical services, and general contractors.

If you are asking why? Well, way back 2015, HomeAdvisor, in partnership with one of the biggest search engine company, Google, gives consumers a way to have a better experience in searching home services like plumbing, online.

So, is it essential for plumbers to avail Search Engine Optimization services?

The answer is a resounding YES. SEO for general maintenance services like plumbing will always be a necessary risk, but make sure that to avail the services on a smaller scale. It means that the best way for your business to be listed on top pages is to use Google Maps listing.

It will give you positive results and attract new customers consistently. The organic section under the map option has become more difficult to obtain because Google has given HomeAdvisor all the relevant keywords under home services like Plumbers, HVAC contractors, General Contractors, Tree Services, or Bath and Kitchen Remodelers, the top rankings. So, every keyword related to home renovations and repair services is under HomeAdvisor. 

What kind of digital marketing plumbers needs?

For contractors and plumbers, have been using a hybrid digital marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimization is a smaller part because the process takes a lot longer to be useful for the business, and a lot of business owners are expecting an immediate result when they are spending money for advertising. Here are some of the categories you need to consider when doing digital marketing for your business:

Local Maps SEO

PPC or Pay-Per-Click for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing

Social Media Marketing or SMM

Whatever strategy you are using, or how much your budget is, you need to make sure that you consider dividing it between the marketing outlets mentioned above. In most cases, experts recommend Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization to be the best way of finding new customers effectively and quickly.

If you don’t know how PPC works, you can visit for more details.

How much money should you spend monthly on doing digital marketing?

When it comes to how much a plumber needs to spend on digital marketing, every business is different. You need to keep in mind that marketing is 100% tax deductible, and the company is investing at least $100, and they are getting a $125 ROI, that is 25% income. You need to compartmentalize your marketing budget into three sections:

Search Engine Optimization

Pay-Per-Click or Social Media Marketing or both


If you ran a plumbing company and had an $800 monthly budget for your marketing, you should use $300 on SEO, $400 on Pay-Per-Click campaign and Google AdWords, and $100 for re-marketing your business to previous clients who visited your site. 

Is $800 too much to spend on marketing strategy per month?

We hear this from a lot of business owners. Let’s break this down, $800 will be divided into 30 days, more or less $25 per day. If you like to drink beer every day, good beer will cost more or less $7 per pint in a bar, three beers including tip will cost $25 per day.

If you’re not investing $25 per day in making your business grow, you are most likely spending all your extra time knocking on doors. Marketing via word of mouth is not going to stop. It will continue as long as you are doing a good job handling your clients.

But digital marketing will add another platform for your business to promote your services. Doing re-marketing, it can add additional income and will increase your spending power on marketing as well.

What about plumbing sites?

An active and well-maintained plumbing website is the most critical tool in every business’ arsenal. Having a well-run site that is responsive to both mobile phone and personal computers, with the right amount of quality contents, and carefully planned is the key to a good Google ranking, and reducing the amount of money you will be spending on advertising like PPC or SMM.

If you want to know your organic SEO, you can visit this link.

Having well-maintained landing pages for your significant keywords will not only help your clients, both old and new, to understand what services or products you are offering, it will also reduce your cost on Pay-Per-Click campaign with Google advertising.

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