Making Your Small Business Blog Stand Out from the Rest

With an abundance of blogs available to access on the internet, more and more of the smaller sized businesses are taking up the challenge of promoting their very own companies through their own blog.

However, with such a saturation of business blogs, how do you make yours stand out from the rest when you are the smaller of companies?

Visitors to a business blog may be looking for a specific topic, subject or area of expertise when they land on your pages, but are you doing enough to keep them coming back for more?

Fortunately, by employing just a few simple tips, you too could be raising your small business blogs profile and keeping your visitors coming back for more valuable content every time.

Keep Your Small Business Blog Looking Fresh

Though anyone can take on a blog, not everyone can create a successful one which makes a great first impression on its visitors. Added to this, maintaining a business blog requires continually fresh ideas to appeal to a wide range of visitors.

Look at making your blog instantly stand out from the crowd with videos, artwork, excellent photography skills or even take some valuable advice from Amiqus and consider lifting some elements of your blog off the screen!

It’s claimed that visitors to a blog will make up their mind whether to stay or go elsewhere in a matter of seconds. That means you have just one chance to win them over, so do all you can to make those valuable seconds count.

Maintain Regular Content on Your Small Business Blog

There’s nothing worse than discovering a business blog which claims to offer the right kind of content you’re looking for, only to click onto it to see it hasn’t been updated for months on end.

The credibility of the entire blog, and indeed company, is then called into question before the visitor dismisses the business altogether and goes elsewhere for their dose of business content and, unfortunately, products and services.

This is worse when that same company has recently encouraged its customers to check out their blog as it shows a level of unprofessionalism.

  • Aim to blog once a week as a
  • Let your customers know about the post, only when it has gone live on the blog.
  • Encourage a conversation under each of your blog posts, as well as customer feedback.

Give Your Readers a Reason to Return to Your Small Business Blog

So many businesses, both big and small, make the costly mistake of believing that they don’t need to continue working to capture their customer’s attention once that same customer has visited their blog.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, a blog’s success is a similar scenario to a business overall – why should visitors continue to stick with yours and what’s in it for them?

  • Encourage blog visitors to sign up for regular newsletters.
  • Consider giving money off and discounts to those who sign up to your blog.
  • Think about offering those who’ve signed up to your blog, additional content that only they can access.

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