Marketing in a Pandemic: 8 Things Business Owners Can Do to Boost Their Performance

During financially challenging times, a lot of businesses are doing what they can to keep their operational costs down to a minimum. Many business owners have taken some necessary steps to keep from spending more than what they can afford at this time, including temporarily taking out marketing as part of their expenses.

While it is quite understandable why they would do this, it is not recommended by the experts. Marketing plays a big part in any business’s success and if you get rid of it entirely, you are putting your business at risk. It is a luxury for any business. It is a necessity. You may think that your dental assisting class business or online retail shop doesn’t need it but you’re wrong. It is vital to any business organization.

For those whose businesses are struggling right now, you might want to consider the following to help put you in a better position during this pandemic:

Focus on the different social media platforms

Almost everyone is online nowadays. It would be a darn shame if you don’t utilize the different social media platforms to market your business and give it leverage. If you’re not on social media yet, we strongly recommend establishing a strong online presence because that’s where your market is right now.

Take advantage of lower advertising costs

Remember, you’re not the only one affected by the pandemic. Even advertising agencies aren’t spared from it. With almost everyone trying to cut down on marketing costs, advertising costs are at one of their all-time lows, with a differential of 50% to 75% from their typical pre-pandemic costs. You might want to consider looking at your options now while prices are low.

Make SEO one of your top marketing strategies

Just because times are tough and money is tight doesn’t mean you should give up SEO. It is found to still be the best organic marketing strategy that could land your site on Google’s page one. If you neglect it and decide to go back to it when times are better, you will have a hard time re-establishing your momentum.

Consider special offers for your target market and audience

People may have cut down on certain expenses but trust us when we say a lot of them are still spending their money on a lot of non-essential items. They are willing to spend good money on anything that could make staying at home more convenient and enjoyable. Offering discounts and special promotional offers could lure them in and make them spend good money on your products or services.

Stay on top of things

While it is understandable that most folks would either panic or freeze during this time, neither of the two is a good way for any business owner to respond. Keep in mind that people are counting on your organization — your community, your employees, and your family. Do your best to stay on top of things and be aggressive in marketing your business.

Establish and strengthen your brand’s value to the community

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge that people are spending a lot more time online now, take advantage of it and create a strong online presence that will show what your brand stands for. People don’t want to see another company make a sales pitch. There are already far too many of that online. Set yourself apart from the competition by showing the human side of your company, one that shows compassion and concern that only sincerely wants to help improve living conditions especially at this time. Work on what you want to say and get your message across.

Make your customers feel valued and appreciated

One of the challenges most business owners and entrepreneurs are facing this time is acquiring new customers. Since it is extra hard to get new people in, take this time to appreciate your existing clientele and customer base and thank them for sticking it out with you. Give them regular updates about your business and send them discount vouchers or exclusive coupons to encourage them to keep coming back. At this point, customer retention matters a lot.

Spread some positivity and good vibes to people

In a world filled with so much uncertainty, let your light shine. Businesses that lift the human spirit stand out today. Create content that will make people feel good about themselves and be hopeful for what the future brings. Share funny memes or create inspiring videos for your online followers to consume. Doing this will certainly help widen your reach and gain more followers.

Things may be especially tougher now because of the pandemic but this should not be a reason to give up on your marketing strategies. The important thing now is to create a suitable strategy that will allow you to get the word out about your products and services, generate leads and conversions, and get more bang for your buck that will get you back on your feet.

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