Mistakes in Designing Product Labels

Apart from making it clear for consumers what they are going to buy, product labels are also useful in convincing potential buyers to consider your products. Some people who go to the market or stores do not know what is in the product. For instance, if they are planning to buy bottled juice. They do not know how the juice tastes. Some of them decide based on what they see on the label. If it looks appealing, they might decide to buy it. Therefore, you need to be smart in identifying product labels and not make these mistakes.

Generic font

It is easy to find lots of font styles today. The problem is that people can tell if you used a generic font. You will turn them off since they will think that you did not put any effort into the product label. It helps if you come up with your font with the help of a graphic designer. Even the font size can tell a lot about what kind of company you have.

Putting the text at the edge of the label

You need to be cautious in placing the elements of the label. The labelling machines will trim the edges after printing. You do not want to cut the most significant aspects of the label due to improper placement. It helps if you print one first and see how it looks when placed on the container. Be sure to emphasise the name of the product and the images. If you put the label on a bottle, you need to check if it looks weird because of the shape of the container. Sometimes, the curve on the bottle will cut some words or make some pictures look funny.

Using an incorrect colour

You need to be cautious in using colours. Limit the number of colours used in one label unless you are trying to appeal to kids. Simple and elegant designs are usually interesting to mature target customers. You also need to stick with one colour that represents your brand. If you think of the major brands around the world, they stick to one colour to represent their company. They want people to associate the colour with the brand immediately.

Another consideration when using colours is consistency. If you are selling products with flavours, you need to choose a colour which is consistent with the taste. Do not use yellow when the flavour is apple since people will feel confused.

Finally, you need to look at the type of printer used. You do not want the design to look amazing on your computer monitor but look weird when printed. You need quality printers that contain all the colours for the labels.


Any type of error is unacceptable. Whether it is spelling, grammar or fact, you need to correct it. The tiniest mistake could turn someone off. Even a one-letter mistake on the nutritional information will be confusing. The government might even accuse you of false advertising. Imagine if the fat content of your product is only 5%, but there was an additional zero after the five on the final printing. Anyone who already took the product would most likely return it to the shelf.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure that more people will consider buying your products.


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