Mistakes That Could Waste Your Use of Promotional Tools

Using promotional tools to endear target audiences is an excellent idea. Receiving things without the need to pay for them could attract potential customers. Therefore, even if you spend a lot of money on these marketing efforts, it would be worth it if you get lots of people who will help boost your company’s profits. Make sure though that you are using the promotional tools correctly; otherwise, you are wasting the opportunity for Branded Merchandising. These are some mistakes that you need to avoid.

Giving the items to anyone  

It helps if you select the people who deserve to receive the promotional tools. If you randomly give the things to anyone you find, you are wasting the chance. The recipients will not consider buying your products anyway. Prioritise current customers to retain their loyalty or those who could still change their minds and patronise your products.

Using inappropriate promotional tools 

Even when using promotional tools that you hand out for free, you need to stay true to your brand. Inconsistency could adversely impact your business. For instance, if you are selling healthy and organic foods, it does not make sense to hand out beer openers or containers for promotion. You want people to avoid beer, and you will make a huge mistake if you choose these items as promotional merchandise.

Letting people be your unpaid models 

The good thing about free promotional merchandise is that you can determine the design in a way that you think will benefit your business. You want the person receiving the free item to feel good, but you also want to use the person to help spread the word. For instance, when you hand out free shirts, you want them to have the name and logo of your business. If the recipient wears a shirt, other people will be aware of your brand. The problem is when you design a shirt which reflects a massive logo of your company. You are making it obvious that you are using the recipient of the shirt as your model. It is a flawed idea and will make the recipient ditch the shirt. No one wants to be an unpaid model for any company.

You give the same promotional merchandise to everyone

It is understandable if you are trying to reduce your expenses and you wish to invest in cheap promotional tools. However, it does not mean that you should hand out the same item to everyone. You need to create a distinction so that your loyal customers will receive a more valuable thing than those who are yet to purchase from you. For instance, you can offer exclusive shirts for loyal customers and cheap lanyards for random individuals who belong to your target group. It does not mean that you will opt for low-quality products, but you need to differentiate the giveaways.

Be careful when deciding what could work as a promotional tool to help entice people to buy what you offer.


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