Save Energy by Qualifying for the Solar Battery Scheme

Now is the time to change the way that you think about electrical power and energy. Australians are embarking on a new course when it comes to energy usage. For example, the use of a battery along with a PV system can help you cover about 80% of your annual requirement for household energy.

Add Solar Power to Your Home Now

You can make full use of a quality home battery and solar energy by add this type of energy to your home now. Doing so will help you save money now and in the future and permit you to be in more control when you use electricity. If you want to reduce what you pay for electrical use to a minimum, you need to check out the current solar battery scheme.

Enjoy Clean Energy

By using a solar battery and panels, you can enjoy clean energy all of the time. During the morning hours, solar panels begin working and producing energy. The battery supports the panels by providing the energy saved from the previous day.

Peak Energy Levels

By midday, the solar panels produce energy at its peak. Because this energy is not typically being used, it is stored in a solar battery. The time when most people consume energy is at night. At that time, the solar panels do not typically produce any energy. Therefore, the solar battery is used to generate energy that is produced and stored during the day.

How Long a Battery Lasts

If you decide to buy a battery, you will need to review its amenities. This type of battery usually lasts a long time or about 20 years. It also comes with a warranty that covers 10,000 charge cycles or 10 years of service, whichever comes first. This intelligent energy operating system features a total storage system with all the things that you need to connect it. By using predictive charging, you can also lower your PV output.

The Battery Output

The battery output is around 2.5 kW to 3.3 kW, depending on the activity in a household. The storage size, which can be scaled, spans from 5 kWh to 15 kWh of power. The operating mode for a solar panel system may be configured so it is a single-phase model, three-phase system, or hybrid.

Make the Most of Your Solar Panel System

When you work with a local battery provider, you can make the most of any solar panel use. Be part of the solution to conserving energy today by adding a solar battery and panels to your home. You can receive rebates for this installation and also obtain financing if needed. Now is the time to act. You will be glad that you did. Look online at the current offerings today.

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