Sayed Sayedy Hosts Different Workshops for Refugee Integration and Recognition

Motivated and committed employees are hard to find and retain in a business. Many business owners find it hard to accept elderly applicants or candidates with migration background. According to Sayed Sayedy, cultural and age differences can be entwined amicably to form a constructive workplace team. Besides, employee’s professional qualifications, social, and communication skills play a huge role in this competitive world. Therefore, there is a need to reinforce these developed competencies to apply for individual success.

Sayed Sayedy is an Afghanistani, who studied sociology and participated in fighting for women’s rights in his birthplace Parwan. Even when in school and college, he worked as an activist and helper for youth empowerment. Until 2013, he worked as a trainer for the German Adult Education Association. He even worked as an intercultural facilitator and translator for ISAF, where he even got trained as an IT expert.

Currently, Sayed Sayedy is studying as well as working as a freelance coach and trainer in the intercultural field. He helps refugees in job market integration or asylum matters. He actively supports civilian peace projects in Cambodia and Afghanistan. The variety of Sayed’s contribution towards creating a peaceful community includes workshops like –

Refugee integration seminars – The goal of these meetings is to promote appreciation, recognition, and inclusion of diversity in the workplace. Employers and HR managers gain knowledge about legal requirements to recruit refugee employees and how integrating migrants in workplace culture is beneficial to both refugees and employers. How to smoothen the integration process and language support is also discussed. How to handle the cultural impact associated with refugees and colleagues and tips to shape welcome organization culture.

Diversity management seminars – The topics are focused on inequality and diversity associated with gender, age, ethnic origin, differences in sexual/religious orientation, disability, etc. It is a holistic approach that helps to handle cultural and personal diversity through promoting recognition, appreciation, and diversity inclusion in the work.

Advisory services in conflict management – Conflicts are common at the workplace but serious disputes between managers and employees or within the team can prevent the motivation and potential of employees. Conflicts cause inconveniences yet prospects for personal development. Sayed is an impartial advisor, where he works one on one with customers to work an efficient and constructive solution for resolving the dispute.

Sayed is committed to the refugees and acts as a mediator with social law problems, search for apprentice or internship opportunities, and with a professional orientation. He advises on daily problems associated with German training, courses, and work. He knows German, Pashai, English, Farsi, Dari, and Pashtu languages that can be helpful to refugees and migrants belonging to a diverse culture.

Prevention of violence is his aim, so he participates in informational MiMi events related to violence consequences and laws in Germany. Sayed is involved in a project like Heroes Munich, OUR.FILM, CINEMA ASYLUM and Cinema cinema. All the projects are associated with refugee struggles and gender inequality.

Read about Sayed’s goal on why he is committed to building a peaceful community in Germany on his website!

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