Stainless steel sheet cost per square foot

Stainless Steel Sheet is a material used for various purposes in various industries. It comes in sheets. In production, they are produced in larger sizes for the ease of production and then they are cut down to ample sizes to be transported. The price is often called in per square foot units. The Stainless Steel Sheet could be much expensive or less expensive depending on the material make. Some titanium alloys are expensive than ordinary stainless steel. Duplex stainless steel is more expensive than titanium alloy ones.

One might think that the price could be calculated per kilogram. But it is difficult because thicker sheets cost less to produce and thin sheets cost more. But in the per kilogram pricing, the thinner sheets will only sell for less. This is why the metal sheets are sold per square foot. The cost of the sheet is also directly dependent on the transport facilities, transporting distances, storage facilities of the supplier, buyer’s location, seller’s location and of course the market demand.

The steel material is mostly produced by hot rolled processes to make the sheets stronger. The mechanical properties such as corrosion resistance, tensile strength and yield strength differ with different grades and compositions of steel. Therefore the pricing also differs. One of the most used steels is the 316 stainless steel plate. The ss 304 plate price is also compatible. Where the application permits and a few specifications match, these two could be used interchangeably.

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