Tactics on Setting Up an Eco-friendly Business

Recent studies have shown that many cities across the country may have underestimated their greenhouse gas emissions by around 20 percent. Some cities have even underestimated the figures by around 100 percent. This means the global greenhouse gas emission figures may be higher than the figure shown in the reports.

The pandemic may have helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but businesses should do their part in helping the planet recover for future generations. So, if you’re planning to start a business, you may want to take steps to make it as eco-friendly as possible. Here are the things you can do to start a business while protecting Mother Earth.

Reuse and Recycle

Reusing and recycling are the first things that you should include in the standard operating procedures of your business. You can collect and process materials to use them for other purposes aside from their original function. If you’re starting a retail business, you can offer reusable products in the market, including coffee cups and shopping bags. You can also promote the use of reusable packaging designed for reuse among your employees or provide them with one.

One way to reduce food waste is to encourage the staff to share food they cannot consume with others. You can set up a bin where they can deposit the food at the end of the day. You can even donate any leftover food that’s still good to eat at the end of the day to a nearby soup kitchen.

Reduce Energy Usage

Reducing your use of energy allows you to save money and help protect the environment. Energy use depends on the business you are setting up, but there are several options for you to reduce energy use. You can set up a power management system in all the computers that will reduce power use when they are not used for some time. You can also make sure to shut down all non-essential equipment at the end of the working day.

The design of the office or store can also contribute to the reduction of energy use when you maximize the use of natural light. Replacing standard light bulbs with LEDs allows you to save a lot of money on energy expenses. Additionally, LEDs last longer than standard light bulbs.

Setting up a solar power bank allows you to use a sustainable and eco-friendly energy source for the office. Aside from protecting the environment, you also save on electricity expenses for your business.

Eliminate Paper Use

Technology can also help you focus on setting up eco-friendly practices in your business. Instead of using paper invoices and bills, you can go digital and send electronic bills and invoices. You can also develop an app that allows your clients to do business with you.

Going paperless offers many advantages, and there are several online apps you can use to help you with this endeavor. Fillable PDF forms and virtual sign-offs are possible using the latest technology in the market.

Work with Eco-conscious Suppliers

Implementing eco-friendly practices should also mean that you should work with eco-conscious suppliers. Working with these suppliers also allows you to help them stay in business since the cost of producing their products may be higher compared to other suppliers. These suppliers use practices and raw materials that are not harmful to the environment.

Set Up a Green Space

Green spaces in the workplace offer a lot of benefits for the business and its employees. Numerous studies have shown that green spaces reduce stress and enhance air quality. While you may not have space to set up a big garden inside the office, you can opt to set up a small one on the window sills. The small garden can have herbs that your employees can use during lunch.

A vertical garden is also a good idea since it takes up less space compared to a regular garden. A vertical garden also uses less water compared to regular gardens. These gardens can also reduce ambient noise and improve productivity in the office since it boosts positivity among the employees.

Save Water

Similar to reducing energy use, saving water also allows your business to save money on water expenses and allow you to help protect the environment. You have many options that allow you to save water, including using dual flush toilets in the bathroom, collecting rainwater for your indoor garden, and washing dirty dishes in the office kitchen at the end of the day.

Reducing the carbon footprint of a business can be challenging. But if you do the footwork and promote eco-friendly practices, you can do your part in preserving the environment for future generations.

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