Technical SEO Tips for Small Businesses in 2019

There are many SEO services available for companies looking to enhance their search engine rankings and grow their businesses, many of which work best when used to complement one another. However, one aspect of SEO that is always crucial to great results is technical SEO. Technical SEO encompasses an analysis of website’s technical factors that could be affecting search engine rankings; when SEO’s look into a company’s technical SEO efforts some of the aspects delved into include the following:

Code efficiency

One of the most important factors for website SEO optimisation is the efficiency of the code that the website has been developed using. When code is slack and inefficient website’s load speeds can be incredibly slow. Google much prefers and favors websites that have minimized code and in turn ranks them much higher in most scenarios.

Website speed

Google algorithms are updated on a regular basis to ensure that users are able to receive the best search engine experiences possible. Faster websites provide greater user experiences and therefore Google often rank them higher than their competition. If all thinks are equal in SEO terms between two websites apart from website speed, the quicker website will more often than not gain the higher rankings.

Mobile responsiveness

A ranking factor that has being incredibly important over the past couple of years is mobile responsiveness. This has become more important as the number of people searching on search engines on mobile devices has taken over the number of people searching on desktops. Websites much now look great and load quickly on mobile devices and not only desktop computers.


Both Google and internet users prefer websites that are safe and secure, and Google has now made it easy for people to determine whether websites are secure or not. In line with this a website owner must now ensure that they have made their websites safe to use, protecting their websites with SSL certificates and converting their sites to HTTPS.

These are only some of the technical aspects in which technical SEO encompasses too! Anyone requiring further details are advised to contact Ranking Solutions Ltd who would be happy to provide further information and guidance.

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