Things You Don’t Know About Trademarks

So, you designed this amazing logo for your business and you are ready to show it to the world. Thinking about applying for a trademark for that logo? You should always talk with a trademark attorney Phoenix for guidance before you make any final decisions. You will also want to do your own research so that you have a basic understanding of the whole trademark process.

Definition of Trademark & Facts

A trademark is a word, slogan, image, logo or combination of those used to connect products with its maker. To become a trademark, it must be on labels, packages or the product itself and must be recognized by the public and they must identify the trademark with the brand. What is the point of a trademark? It protects a brand’s identity in the marketplace. For example, the bullseye logo is a trademark for Target, just like the swoosh logo for Nike. When you see these logos, you automatically know what brand it is associated with and no other brand can use those logos.

Trademark Rights in the United States

When a logo is put into use as advertising for a business, the law in the United States automatically considers it a trademark and is protected under certain laws. But these laws are difficult to enforce and are only limited geographically. To gain additional production, it is smart to register your logo as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Eligibility for Trademark

Did you know that not all logos are eligible for trademark approval? A logo cannot be considered offense or misleading as well as be similar to an existing logo. If the use of the logo causes confusion among consumers, it will most likely not be approved for a trademark.

Trademarks can be complicated and it is always a wise move to talk to a trademark expert and someone who is familiar with the laws and process. It can take a lot of time to register your trademark, so you want to make sure it is all worth it!

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