Three Essential Elements of Electronic Direct Mail

Electronic direct mail (EDM) involves communications beyond emails. Although it is email marketing Singapore, it includes several forms of communication to reinforce branding and customer loyalty. In EDM, you send a type of email to specific leads in your email list and are target buyers. Here are the main elements of EDM:

Lead Profiling

A lead profiling feature allows you to easily identify quality leads that will convert into loyal customers. Also, it helps segment your leads correctly and design relevant offers to activate them from one marketing phase to another.

Enticing Offers

EDM campaigns are meant to trigger immediate engagement. Because the emails are targeted, the email contents must be made carefully. Thus, they must align with the exact marketing stage of the lead or customer, recent behavior, and other relevant details.


A campaign will only show results if you include a great offer in your email with a relevant call-to-action. An effective campaign includes a CTA button designed with brand-relevant colours and text that trigger action.

EDM is more than just about emails because it also includes other marketing channels such as social media platforms. Triggering your EDM campaign after creating a segment means sending emails to users who have already shown interest in your offer.

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