Top 3 Promotional Products to Invest In

Brand awareness allows your clients to see your brand in action, whether it be how reliable you are or in what your mission and vision is as a company. By incorporating these images through your office interior or your ad campaigns, you’re sure to make a stronger impact if these images are used appropriately and effectively.

Promotional merchandise is often underestimated as to how useful it can be in promoting a brand. Not only is it ‘free marketing’ regarding having tangible and mobile items of promotion for your company, but it also develops a relationship between your clients in how they use these products in their day-to-day activities.

  1. Desk objects

What better way to stay relevant to your clients than by being actively present in their workspaces? Desk objects such as writing tools and organisers are excellent ways to keep your brand name visible and accessible at the same time. Not only do they function as a portable calling card, but they also have a practical and much-needed use in the office too.

  1. Flash drives

Everyone loves a free storage device. Flash drives are becoming more accessible to reproduce and manufacture with cheap flash drives as massive as 2 GB coming off as a steal, and that’s when you remember that there was a time when cheap flash drives were limited to 300 MB. In keeping up with today’s digital age, a free flash drive is always a welcome addition to any freebie pack.

  1. Promotional apparel

Promotional materials don’t just come in the form of objects to use in the office; sometimes, they’re wearable too. Having a high-quality print of your logo on a shirt isn’t just free walking promotion, it can also be for giveaways for online contests that you can hold online with your followers. As a side note, make sure that if you do give away promotional t-shirts, they don’t look too similar to your staff’s.

Finding your company’s niche

Though the products listed above have a strong appeal on their own, you shouldn’t be constrained to developing just those items. Promotional materials appear in press releases or soft openings. A company opens up its offices with a few tote bags filled with goodies and things that can remind their patrons of their brand. The kit usually includes a few pens, a foldable fan, or even a notebook, attached with a pamphlet about the company’s goals and objectives.

Depending on the company’s brand or service, more brand-specific items may be included. Popular choices for restaurants and cafes are reusable tumblers plastered with the company’s brand, while IT service companies offer flash drives or even power banks. Remember to keep your brand’s purpose in mind before deciding on what giveaways you should order. It’d be silly of you to print thousands of promotional umbrellas if you’re a computer repair service. Knowing what your customers need and what they expect of you can make it easier to come up with the right promotional material to use.

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