What are the Best Methods of Having Integrated Communication Campaign

The most difficult aspect faced by every senior marketing manager would be plans to maximize budget efficiency. It would be relatively challenging than when contemplating on where to spend the marketing communications budget.

The growth of new media has been known to cover every factor of life from the moment your radio alarm would go off through all kinds of traditional offline media you would be exposed to throughout the day. Once you go online and look forward to exploring the rising demands on your budget pertaining to the email marketing needs, SEO, web design, PPC and several other online marketing opportunities, the budget dilemma would appear impossible. Several studies have been indicating average person living in developed country has been exposed to approximately 3000 to 7000 various kinds of advertising messages in a single day.

In event of you, look forward to target a person, you would have trouble choosing one or two messages that would allure or grab the attention of the targeted person. It would be imperative that you choose a message that generates the right response from the person. In case, you have been dealing with highly experienced marketers, you should be rest assured it would not be an easy decision. A majority of them would claim to take highly scientific approach towards the problem, but they would be required to treat the budgeting exercise as a combination of science and art.

Finding the answers in the key areas

The answers could be found in the major areas. It would be inclusive of

  • Size of your business or brand
  • Nature of the market you intend to target
  • Size of your competitors
  • Amount of experience you gained from previous marketing activity
  • Personal predisposition for believing in a specific approach

Golden rules of integrated marketing campaign

Find below some golden rules essential for integrated marketing campaign.

  1. It would be essential for you to seek support of senior management.
  2. You would be required to integrate at different levels of management.
  3. You would be required to ensure design manual or brand look for maintenance of common visual standards.
  4. It would be imperative that you focus on clear marketing communications strategy.
  5. You should start from zero budget and make a communication plan.
  6. It would be imperative that you lay emphasis on the needs of the customers first.
  7. You would be required to build good relationships with your clients and customers along with building brand values.

In order to run a successful marketing communications agency, you would be required to change it all. You should learn from your experience.

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