What constitutes the best postpaid plan?

We help you pick the perfect plan for you, based on essential parameters to look for.

Your phone is the best and most convenient device to keep connected with the entire world. It is a handy instrument that fits in your bag or pocket, and it has tremendous utility for all your needs.

Lately, you have begun to feel that you need a better postpaid plan. Your current plan has patchy network and you’re paying too high a monthly price for the plan. So a new plan with a good provider makes sense.

Look for these parameters when you choose a postpaid plan:

* Ask yourself if you need postpaid or prepaid will do. Whether you take a postpaid plan depends on your phone usage. Some people are content with making a few calls every day, or messaging with friends on messenger apps for a brief while. They might occasionally watch a few video clips or read the latest news. In this case, a prepaid plan should suffice. But if you are hooked to your phone constantly, for both recreation and work, then a postpaid plan is better. It offers more data for all your needs.

* The best service provider. The plan price should not be the only determining factor in case you wish to buy a postpaid plan. The most important factor is the mobile service provider. Go with a provider that has a robust cell tower network, to ensure superfast data transmission speeds and always-on connectivity. Plus, leading providers like Airtel have a wide array of plans to choose from.

* Examine the plan features.You might have shortlisted a few postpaid plans. Now go through the plan features in detail. If you check out Airtel’s new postpaid plans, you will see that apart from basic features like unlimited calling, 3x faster call connect and easy number portability, there are a host of other benefits for new subscribers. Airtel’s new postpaid plans include benefits like one-year free Amazon Prime subscription, 3 months free Netflix subscription, handset repair protection, 20% discount on family members’ collective Airtel bills, and unlimited free access to TV shows and films with Zee5 app. Except for the Rs 399 plan, Airtel’s new postpaid plans also give you the chance to buy free add-on connections for your family members.

* Check out the purchase process and bill payment. Now that you have decided which postpaid plan to go for, you can purchase it. Buy a new Airtel postpaid plan by placing the request online, or going to the nearest Airtel store to do it in person. Either way, you get a new postpaid SIM immediately, which is activated once the KYC process is completed.

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