What Jobs Require Microsoft Excel Skills?

There are many different jobs that require proficient use of Microsoft Excel and because of this the demand for employees that have taken Excel training courses is rising constantly. Today we are here to discuss some of the job roles that require the greatest Excel skills, therefore if you are considering any of the jobs below, we highly advise that you get yourself booked on an Excel course today to give you an advantage over other applicants. Here goes…

Jobs Requiring Excel Skills

Administrative Assistants –Administrative assistants are responsible for helping the organisations that they work for run smoothly at all times and are responsible for a number of different tasks. Some of the tasks admin assistants can expect to take on include scheduling appointments, creating repots, organising documents and greeting visitors. Administrative assistants have to know there way around Microsoft Excel, as well as a number of other Microsoft suite programs.

Information Clerks – Information clerks assist customers with information about the businesses that they work for as well as being responsible for collection data and filing reports based on data. Because of this information clerks have to know how to used Excel spreadsheets correctly, not only understanding Excel on a basic level, but also knowing shortcuts and more.

Accountants and Auditors –Accountants and auditors are responsible for looking over financial statements and documents to ensure accuracy, and are required to use Microsoft Excel to assist with the organisation of financial information. Accountants must be able to use Excel professionally and without assistance.

Cost Estimators – Cost estimators work alongside engineers and project managers to determine the amount of labor, money and time needed for projects. Cost estimators utilise Microsoft Excel to organise data and to calculate estimates, whilst keeping track of past projects to examine data for future projects.

Financial Analysts – Financial analysts need to know how to use a variety of computer software programs including but not limited to Microsoft Excel. Financial analysts study data to help them decide the greatest investment opportunities and create detailed reports containing the data they have gathered.

Sales Managers – Sales managers are responsible for handling sales workers, customer complaints and sales data and therefore need to know how to use Microsoft Excel to record data and to analyse sales information. They then use this information to determine project profits, to help set goals and to find new ways to enhance the business.

These are only some of the jobs that require proficient Excel use too, there are many more, so why not book yourself onto a Microsoft Excel course today? We are sure that it will assist you in career progression.

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