What to ask your Translation Service

Translation services can be a necessity when dealing with content or people from different parts of the world. Ensuring you make the right choice is crucial to your chances of enjoying quality services. It’s essential to carefully go through the candidates available before making a final decision.

Translation services refer to the interpretation of content from one language to another. There are over 6000 spoken languages around the globe, meaning these services are an established part of efficient communication. However, finding the right candidate to offer these provisions is not always a simple task. You need to ensure the candidate you choose represents the most suitable option for your particular needs. Identifying a reliable and accurate service is also an essential part of any decision-making process.

Finding a reliable translation service can be harder than it seems. The multiple choices available in the market when seeking this solution can make it harder to identify a viable alternative. A good way of clearing up this matter is by asking potential candidates a number of relevant questions. If you’re looking for an inglise eesti tõlge service, for instance, basing your queries on the services you need is a good place to start.

Some of the questions you can ask to determine a suitable translation service include:

What is your process?

The first point of clarification should be how they offer their services. Different agencies will have varying approaches, depending on the kind of solutions they provide. In most cases, you will need to deliver the content to be translated through a specific medium so that it can be uploaded to the agency’s work files. Other issues such as the text, audio, and video formats implemented are things you should look into – to avoid any confusion with the provision of their services.

What is your turnaround time?

Turnaround time refers to the period in which a project will be completed. Knowing how long it would take to translate your content beforehand can help you determine whether their services are suitable for your needs. This element can be influenced by a variety of factors, including the number of translators working on a project, the level of experience available, and the volume of the content involved.

What is your specialization?

Translation can fall under two main categories, namely, text and audio/video files. Some agencies offer both provisions in this sector, but it’s crucial to determine if they are better at one than the other. A good way to gauge such capabilities is by looking at the kind of work they mostly deal with regularly. Opting for an established firm offers you better chances of enjoying quality solutions for both types of services.

How is your pricing structured?

Different translation services will offer their solutions at varying costs, depending on how they structure their prices. Dealing with the translation of texts, for example, could lead to a pricing structure that charges you for every page translated. A different company, on the other hand, might charge a set price for a particular number of words, such as $20 per 500 words.

Going through the reviews of previous clients is also a good way to determine the level of quality you can enjoy with a certain solution.

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